The Ontario Vintage Market, October 16, 2022

I was able to attend my first show as Staff Photographer for The Wayback Times, and it did not disappoint! Getting there was a breeze, parking was ample and easy to navigate, they had a coffee shop on site (a must for an avid coffee lover like myself), and even an indoor bathroom! The site itself is beautiful, located at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, especially on a sunny fall day.  The market welcomes you to an open concept area under full coverage for those rainy days, housing tons of handmade and crafty vendors, alongside a food court with many food options.  Just past those vendors we were welcomed with a live band, where my kids took a break to dance.  Then came the vintage and antique portion.  Tons of vendors, and so much variety! I was not expecting such a wide assortment of antique goodies, everything from Pyrex (swoon), glassware, vintage toys (my personal fav), clothing, jewelry, you name it.  I was able to pick up a few trinkets for myself, including brass minis, some Fire King mugs, a vintage Viewmaster, and my daughters even found some jewelry that fit their budget! The best part about the market were the vendors themselves.  Every booth I visited had a friendly, smiling face to greet me and one even had some lollipops for the kids.  I was able to make many amazing connections within the vintage community and hope to see them again at other markets!  I plan to make it to the next and final Ontario Vintage Market this year on November 6th and I am looking forward to seeing what other treasures I can find!

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