Deadline Reminders

Fall 2024 Oct, Nov, Dec Issue 160
Reserve Space: Aug. 24
Print Ready Ad Copy: Sept. 7

Winter 2025 – Jan/Feb/Mar Issue 161
Please Note:  We will be publishing early so that all deliveries are done before Christmas.
Reserve Space by October 12, 2024
Print Ready Ad Copy by November 16, 2024

Spring 2025 – Apr/May/June Issue 162
Reserve Space by January 25, 2025
Print Ready Ad Copy by March 2, 2025

Summer 2025 – July/Aug/Sept Issue 163
Reserve Space by April 26, 2025
Print Ready Ad Copy by June 1, 2025

Fall 2025 – Oct/Nov/Dec Issue 164
Reserve Space by July 27, 2025
Print Ready Ad Copy by August 31, 2025

*”Print ready” refers to ad copy that is fully prepared in a pdf, tiff or jpg format and ready to go to press

Please call 705-696-1833 or email with any questions you might have.

The WT is privileged to assist our advertisers with their events and we try to promote them in all the ways available to us. We have an Events Calendar on our website that is very well attended by our site visitors. If you have an event that you will be advertising with us please send us all of your event information so we can post it accurately online.  For those of you with events already listed, please take a moment to check the website to make certain the information is correct.

This is extremely important. We use the online listings for our Events Calendar page in the printed version of the WT. We strive for accuracy and greatly appreciate your assistance to achieve this. We are also making use of our WT Facebook and Instagram pages, so please do join us there and let us know how we’re doing! 

Thank you.