Bowmanville Show 2019

Coverage and photos by Douglas Phillips

Celebrating its forty-sixth year on the April 2019 Easter weekend, the Bowmanville Antiques and Folk Art Show has built a reputation of being one of Canada’s premiere collector shows, where many long-term dealers display their unique and authentic antiquities for the discerning collector. 

Visiting the booths of the 28 dealers,  I was impressed with the offerings.  This year the bar was raised to include fine art and “wow” paintings from the Group of Seven and other renowned artists like Manly MacDonald. 

The new owners of the show produced a first-class brochure and a special exhibit entitled “From Sea to Shining Sea – Nautical Antiquities of Canada” that celebrated our rich maritime history.

Canada has the longest coastlines in the world, and our freshwater lakes and rivers have also played an important role in the building of this nation.  Encompassing the early days of the French fur traders to immigration and the vast number of ships which sailed the Atlantic and the Great Lakes, many of the chests and steam trucks from those journeys could be spotted at the show. 

Opening night is always exciting and special at the show. For many collectors, it is the start of the collecting season and has become a tradition for them.  This year was no exception and the expectant crowd was not disappointed with the top-notch items available to them. Judging from the many “sold” signs placed on a wide variety of fine items, buyers were pleased with the show’s excellent vetted selection of offerings.

We look forward to the 47th Annual Show in 2020. Details will be available at You can also keep in touch by visiting the show’s Facebook page to learn more.

From Sea to Shining Sea – Nautical Antiquities of Canada, a special exhibit to inform, educate and inspire.  Presented and curated by collectors Chris

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