EDITORIAL – October/November/December 2022

A New Beginning

By John Dokurno

Now that we’ve successfully delivered our first issue of The Wayback Times, I would like to take this opportunity for a huge shoutout to Sandy and Peter Neill for the amazing job they have done on this publication for so many years. The help they have provided us over the last few months has been invaluable. We both truly thank you for giving us this opportunity and we will strive to live up to the standards of The Wayback Times you both have set.

At my age, however, trying anything out of the ordinary can be very stressful and the publishing of the paper would be no exception. The word deadline hasn’t been in my vocabulary since I was pushed into retirement thanks to Covid 3 years ago. Now the word is a common entry on my whiteboard. The first big question for us was, will the advertisers come back? It was a resounding YES, and we can’t begin to thank all of them for their heartfelt wishes and support. We hope to offer them the same quality publication that they are accustomed to.

Having secured our advertisers, it was time to call on our writers who add so much to the pa- per. Thankfully, they too came through for us and supplied us with a number of fascinating articles. Please accept our thanks for your expertise and diligence in providing them to us on such short notice.

Special thanks to Nathaniel Kraak for his work on our website, keeping it updated with all the new events scheduled for this fall. Please visit at www.thewaybacktimes.com The most difficult part in my mind was laying out the actual paper using the latest software, in preparation for final printing. Thankfully, Lynne is a computer whiz and was able to navigate through the complexities of the publishing software with some ease. I, being less computer savvy, was unable to make it through the first tutorial. The next big question for me was how to circulate the paper as thoroughly as Peter did. Since our advertisers are province wide it was critical that we continue to distribute the paper to our readers in all those places. After 30 years of commuting to downtown Toronto, driving is something I haven’t missed, but I will do my best to follow in his footsteps/tire tracks. If you’re reading this issue, then I’ve answered my own question. I hope Lynne and I have done justice to our first issue of The Wayback Times, it was a pleasure to get the final product into your hands and we hope you enjoy it.

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