Editorial – January/February/March 2021

Well, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? And it would be completely redundant to go over it all again.  We’ve all heard enough – about Covid-19, about elections, about shut-downs, about self-isolating, about masks, and on and on.  Most of us are in agreement regarding all of the above, but I know ALL of us, just want this to be over. So, welcome 2021. With vaccines already being distributed and administered here in Canada, things look much more promising than they did last spring.  I just hope our expectations for using the vaccine to slow down the coronavirus doesn’t override the common-sense guidelines of hand-washing, mouth covering (yes, masks while necessary) and not getting too close to anyone… not yet. 

For a year that was full of wondering what was going to happen next – it went by remarkably fast.  And I discovered that while the world was waiting to see where the virus was going to take us,  life kept on chugging along.  Snow still needed shovelling, grass needed cutting, laundry had to be done, the house had to be cleaned (maybe more often being at home so much) and meals had to be put on the table and tidied up after, critters (including husbands 🙂 ) still had to be cared for. 

We saw ordinary people turn into extraordinary people when they found ways to help friends, neighbours and even strangers cope with so many difficult changes. We learned that we really do take so much for granted… our health care system, the ability to get what we want when we want it, Hugging – who ever thought we’d be deprived of hugging, and who knew how important that simple act is? Family and friends… how we miss their company, and oh, how we appreciate them so much more.   

Let’s welcome 2021 with grateful hearts and take all the good things that we’ve learned from 2020 and apply them to the new year. Kindnesss, patience, consideration and a whole lot more appreciation for what we do have.

It’s mid-December as I write this, and Christmas get-togethers don’t look promising.   I hope that the spring issue will have excellent news about shows re-opening, lockdowns being lifted and line-ups disappearing.  But more than that, I hope that we can all make plans to sit down together with family and friends for an Easter gathering of unprecedented happiness. 

Hold on tight, it’s been a bumpy ride, but 2021 might just hold the answer to many prayers.  Happy New Year, everyone!  

God bless, and thanks for reading the WT. We appreciate you! Be safe and be kind.

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