Ask the Old Guy – January/February/March 2021

Just like everyone else, I’m extremely glad to see the end of 2020.

One of the few benefits of people being forced to socially distance and isolate at home was that some found the time to clean out and reorganize attics, cupboards and basements. Many found long-forgotten items that had been tucked away for years and are wondering about the values and if they should try to sell them or just get rid of them.  I asked a few other dealers what they thought would be hot in 2021 when it comes to the collectibles market. The results, in no particular order for a few collectibles, are as follows:

    Metal and porcelain advertising signs, although already hot (and getting more difficult to find) will remain popular. A renewed interest in folk art has resulted in increasing values and vintage comic book prices are soaring. Star Wars collectibles are still very popular and anything vintage Disney is of interest.  Vinyl rock and roll albums from the ‘60s and ‘70s  that are in good playable condition are selling well. Costume jewellery is popular with a strong following, especially signed pieces.

 Some collectors are avoiding the “hunt” these days because of Covid-19, and are reluctant to purchase items online that they can’t physically look at. But lately, there’s been an abundance of online auctions and virtual shows presented by event organizers whose names you’ll know and trust… and they have created “events” that are worthy of your confidence, and hopefully your business.  People collect anything – from the mundane, like coffee mugs, to the bizarre, like barbed wire.  I met a collector from Georgia  years ago who collected 12-inch sections of barbed wire. I was amazed to find out that some pieces/designs of hand-tied barbed wire are quite valuable. (I’m guessing storage can be tricky, though…)

I always tell people it’s more important to collect what you like than to try to follow trends, even if it’s coffee mugs. If you enjoy them – go for it!

Have fun collecting and have a great, healthy and safe 2021.
The Old Guy

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