What Is It? – April/May/June 2020

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Identify the WT Spring issue “What Is It?” item, sponsored by Southworks Antiques, by  May 1, 2020, for your chance to win a one-year subscription to the WT and a $25 gift certificate from  Southworks Antiques.

The Southworks’ “What Is It?”  Item featured in our winter issue 142 was a Compas 26 Lignes depthing tool; a watchmaker’s tool. The item was identified by J. Johnston of Scarborough, ON.  Good luck with this issue’s “What Is It?”.

2 Replies to “What Is It? – April/May/June 2020”

  1. Ron McGuire says:

    l think the spring issue ‘what is it’— is a metal ashtray in the shape of a cod fish

  2. bonnie snow says:

    its a brass ashtray than is of a dried piece of cod fish, from the good ole east coast of canada

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