Christie Antique and Vintage Show – 2018

The Christie 2018 Spring  Antique & Vintage Show
Celebrates 30 years

The bi-annual Christie show held in Dundas, Ontario celebrated 30 year this past May. That says a lot…it says that people still love antiques, they still love the hunt, and they love to do it under an open sky on acres of parkland covered with vendors from Ontario and Quebec.

A large number of happy hunters attended the Christie show on May 26th. A crowd of over 9,000 collectors found a perfect way to spend a warm spring Saturday in a beautiful setting.

Arriving well after opening, it took us 20 minutes to enter the park from the highway along with hundreds of other show attendees.

The weather was lovely, perhaps a little warm, but the predicted showers held off and it was easy to see that just about everyone at the show was there to make a full day of it. With lots of refreshments to choose from and ATM machines conveniently located in several locations, we saw lots of happy hunters strolling the grounds.

The offerings were great… cheers to 30 years of a great event! If you missed the May show, don’t worry, it’s back again on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Thanks to all the vendors who let the Wayback Times take photos during a very busy time!

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