Port Perry Antique 23rd annual Antique, Vintage & Collectible Show

Coverage by Robin McMullen
Port  Perry High School hosted the 23rd annual Antique, Vintage and Collectible show on Oct 14 and 15. This show is sponsored by the Port Perry music department and money raised helps support multiple music activities for the music students at the school. The students are an integral part of the show in that they help vendors set up and take down their booths, as well as supply light lunches and snacks for the people attending this event.


This year saw ten new dealers bring a variety of collectibles including vintage radios, jewelry, electronic games, posters, records and coins. It seems that gone are the days when a show could draw a large crowd of buyers with strictly antiques being offered. Buyers are now seeking a much wider field of items.


40 dealers set up booths of various sizes and offered a huge assortment of merchandise at very reasonable prices. It seemed  that the first wave of people through the show were dealers from a fifty mile radius of Port Perry. Feedback from the vendors at the end of the show was, on the whole, very positive regarding their sales. Several of them exclaimed they sold better this year than any other year doing this show. The patrons were definitely in a buying mood. It seems that the Port Perry area has people who appreciate antiques and collectibles, and were delighted to take home  pieces that caught their eye.


The attendance was up about 200 people from 2016 and hopefully this trend will carry over to other antique shows in various locations in Ontario.


It was mentioned by a veteran dealer during the show that he had a customer complain that his booth was too crowded with other customers and could he please do something about it! I am not sure what he did about it, but, oh, that all vendors should have such problems!


Hats off to the dealers participating in this show. They brought a multitude of unique and collectible items that obviously appealed to the buying public. It is hoped that our new younger dealers will have great success and continue to participate in future shows in Ontario.  It is these individuals who will be setting the trend for buyers in the 20 to 40 year age group in the future


2 Replies to “Port Perry Antique 23rd annual Antique, Vintage & Collectible Show”

  1. Annemarie Knopp says:

    I am interested in getting a table. I have collectible dolls from several countries. How much would a space with an 8 ft table cost?
    Is there availability?


    1. The Wayback Times says:

      You’ll need to contact the show organizers directly, here. – 705-786-7488

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