Henry Jones

It is with great sadness that we share the loss of Henry Jones, proud owner (with wife Jackie) of Roadshow Antiques in Innisfil. 

Henry loved the business with a great passion, almost as much as he loved people.  His sense of humour and kindness touched many lives – he was generous, brilliant and outgoing. His life was full of accomplishments and adventure, whether in business, sports,  travel or spending time with his beloved family and friends.

Henry’s career paths were diverse…  they included working in a coal mine at age 15 in the UK and was also the owner of the Roxy Roller Rink/Pub there, before moving to Canada. 

An enthusiastic sports person, he was the Captain of the Shelton Tigers Cycle Speedway Team in the ‘60s and a huge fan of soccer, which he played until the age of 59.  Ever an optimist, Henry was young at heart and always looked at the bright side of life. He was particularily fond of being a prankster and went to great lengths with his larks. He was always there for anyone who needed him. 

This remarkable, loveable and admirable man will be missed by the many, many people who knew and loved him. 

Ode to the Greatest Treasure – Henry Jones

Written by Melanie Gaffoor (“Petal”)   

Oh Henry we are broken, we are lost, we are cold, 
of the devastating news that we have been told. 
You are onto the next adventure and chase,
joining the rest with a smile on your face.
Since I was a little girl you have been part of my life, 
making every day count with your beautiful wife.
This loss is felt deeply, and far across the pond, 
it is hard to know someone who did not have a bond.
From coal mines and nightclubs, art and old gems, 
you’ve told brilliant stories from which your life stems.
From parties, football and days in the sun,  
to travelling, swimming and holes in one. 
Everyone was welcome to join in the fun,
laughing and dancing until our bodies were done.
All-for-one and one-for-all, 
is the mantra we’d share at the antique mall. 
Your staff became friends, family and mates, 
an inclusive environment with no room for hate.
This is where you (and Jackie) gifted me my first “career”, 
which led to ten years witnessing you persevere. 
Not a day gone by where it was considered a loss,
as you always had big plans being the Boss.
Explaining a “whosit”, a “whatsit” or thing, 
with profound knowledge your expertise would bring.
You built a life so gorgeous and strong, 
while inviting those you love to enjoy and come along.
You have shared, invented and given us your time, 
becoming a Poppa to Theodore and Adaline.
You found simple pleasures like a cold pint and telly, 
and making us laugh until we couldn't feel our belly.
Your wit, your grace, your character and charm,
and at times your slapstick humour we’d have to disarm. 
The most hilarious gifts and pranks to debut,
while planning the next one which was sure to outdo.
“What are you on about love?” you’d look at me and say, 
if you saw my heartbreak and sadness today.
Keeping up with the Joneses, so what does that mean? 
It means showing the most love that you ever have seen. 
It means being there for you and just showing up,
to a birthday, a game, a dinner or new pup. 
It’s the time that was given to bring others joy, 
that makes your selflessness the real McCoy.  
So many family, friends neighbours and staff,
will continue to spread love on your behalf. 
So I will keep our stories so close and so dear,
and my heart will keep growing and fill bright with cheer.
A HERO to all as we share and we listen,
of our all of the ways you made our lives glisten. 
We will continue to move forward and share tales of your past, 
it is in all of us that your soul will outlast. 
You know that you’ve lived the most fullest life, 
when you’re mourned by so many as YOU ARE larger-than-life.
The truth is Henry, while we’ve searched our whole lives, 
we’ve never found the treasure within the archives.
For the truth is that you were our most unique find, 
Not quite antique in your heart or your mind.
Yet still the brightest, most sparkling treasure, 
your love and friendship that will last us forever. 
Now you are knighted and your castle been given, 
glistening wings and still power-driven. 
Please wait for us all until it’s our turn, 
in your arms we will run as our hearts will yearn. 
You’ll see me carrying my paint brush in hand, 
and I will help paint the steps to the promise land. 
O Captain, my captain, our Henry, our King,
it is your turn to fly as the angels sing. 
I’ll love you always and keep you so close,
and with each glass we will raise you a toast. 
We will party, dance and be sure to celebrate, 
cheers to the absolutely most outstanding mate.
To the kindest gentleman, most generous and true, 
we all love you Sir Henry; through and through.  
Part of the Flower to your life I am now,
as each one of us holds a place there somehow.
And now it is time where I put on the kettle, and mourn our deepest loss…

Love always, 
Your Petal.xoxo

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