The Wayback Times – The Next Chapter

EDITORIAL By Lynne Dokurno

If we’ve learned anything in the past three years, it’s that you never know what will happen next! In the fall of 2019, I purchased Antiques on 48. I had been an antique dealer for several years, selling online, at shows and at a few different antique markets. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to have my own store and when the opportunity presented itself, I dived right in. The plan was in five to ten years my husband John would retire and start helping me out at the store. Six months later I was closed with the first lockdown and John’s business was no longer viable. The retirement plan came early! We’ve both been working at the store now for the last couple of years and enjoying every minute. 

When we heard that The Wayback Times was publishing its last issue, we couldn’t believe it. It’s been such a great resource both to us with the store, and to all our customers who pick up a copy to see what’s new in the antique world, and to plan their next antiquing trip. John and I spent a few evenings talking about the paper and our schedules and our future before we decided to reach out to Sandy to get some more information. Not wanting to lose such an awesome resource, we made Sandy an offer. With less than a month until her last issue issue, we are proud to announce that The Wayback Times will continue with us as the new owners. I hope we do as great a job with it as Sandy has done over the last many years! As with everything we do, this will be a partnership. John will be taking the lead with The Wayback Times, and I will continue with my dream of making Antiques on 48 one of the best antique markets around. John will still be helping out at the store, and I’ll be assisting him with the paper. We even have our daughter Lizz, who already works at the store, and has her own booth, lined up to help with the paper as well. To us family is everything and we’re hoping to have as much fun with The Wayback Times as we do with the store. 

We’re looking forward to this next chapter in our lives and hope to publish The Wayback Times for many years to come. We can’t wait to meet all the people involved with this publication, including the writers, the advertisers, and the readers! Most future editorials will be by John, but every now and then, watch for my byline. I hope all of you will take this journey with us and discover the next curve in the road together. Our email is always open – Suggestions, comments, ideas are welcome. Sandy will be holding our hands for the first issue or two as we learn this business. We hope that all the amazing advertisers who have supported The Wayback Times in the past will continue to support us as we follow in Sandy’s footsteps and carry on the tradition of a great resource for everyone interested in antiques. 

Time goes by quickly! It’s hard to believe that Labour Day weekend will mark our three-year anniversary at Antiques on 48. We will be celebrating with our usual contests, draws and giveaways all weekend long. We’ll also be hosting our first outdoor multi-vendor market on September 3rd and 4th. Drop by and say hello – the store will be open all weekend and either John or myself will be there each day. 

Though the summer is just starting, it won’t be long until fall arrives and we’ll be hard at work creating our first issue of The Wayback Times. We’ll approach this as we do everything – with support from our family, our friends both old and new, with humour, hard work and dedication. I hope everyone has an amazing summer and joins us in the fall for our first issue.

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