Editorial – April/May/June 2022

To our dear Advertisers, Writers and Readers… THANK YOU! It’s because of you the Wayback Times has been printed for the 150th time!

We have all seen so much, heard so much and felt so much about the crises of the world, that there is nothing I can add except my prayers. So much sadness on so many levels… it’s overwhelming at times. So, instead of discussing any of the heartbreaking topics of today, let’s turn to how wonderful it is to see spring again. This kinder, gentler season brings so much promise with its warmth and light.  The barren landscape comes slowly to life with colour and the songs of birds who appear to be just as happy about its return as we are.  Soon the grass will need cutting, the weeds will need pulling – a good trade-off for snow-shovelling and treading oh-so-carefully on the treacherous ice.  Bring on the dandelions! (This call will be answered, I assure you, and we will soon be looking at fields of bright yellow… and then, too soon after, millions of stems with their fluffy heads dispersing more seeds to ensure an even thicker “carpet” next year.) 

You might have noticed that this is the WT’s 150th issue, quite a landmark for a little paper created back in 1995 by Jay Telfer.  Jay recognized the camaraderie enjoyed by collectors and the lure of the past contained within the many delightful antique businesses that grace the provinces we live in. He was a gregarious guy who found a lot of pleasure in meeting shop owners and convincing them that he had a publication worthy of their advertisements. Along with his talent, dedication and determination, a paper was born!  And here we are 27 years and 150 issues later still publishing under the same premise Jay founded the paper on.  A new generation of collectors have joined the older ones, perhaps with different tastes and on the hunt for items some of us shake our heads at – but a word to the wise… don’t judge!  Treasures, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder, and with this broad range of interest it certainly makes for a diversified market.

The 150th issue would, of course, never have come about without our advertisers, so thank you sincerely for your business and your trust.  It’s such a privilege to know many of you and to be able to call you friends… that’s pure gold for me!

And thanks to our readers.  No readers would mean, simply, no Wayback Times, and it is such a pleasure to know that the WT is providing you with something you can pick up  at your favourite shop or show and (hopefully) enjoy reading.

Last, but definitely not least… thanks to our writers,  a group of such talented people all with unique backgrounds and interests that make every article different and interesting. 

Befitting our 150th issue is the fact that we have quite a healthy Events Calendar on page 2… these calendars are quite a challenge to list accurately and I’m really out of practise after two years of very few events taking place.  Even after reviewing all the information with my very helpful husband, Peter, I’m still concerned that I’ve missed something or made a mistake… so as printed in red on the page, please do a little research before you attend any of the events.  As we well know, things (like Covid-19) can happen and change things when you least expect it.    That said, we are all so hopeful for this year and are so looking forward to  the many events listed,  wishing them all great success and much enjoyment for their attendees. (For those who choose to “unmask” it’s going to be odd seeing complete faces after all this time! There are people I’ve met since the pandemic started whose faces I’ve never seen completely, but it will be so nice to see their smiles.)

What’s planned for the spring?  Oh, so much! It’s always such a busy time as it is for almost everyone.There is lots to do both inside and out – we’ll be in  spring cleaning mode in the house, the barn, the garage and  outside as well.   There is even a possibility we might be  heading to the Sunshine State to see my sister and family there after two very long years.  The longest I’ve ever gone   without seeing my big sister is a few months, so I’m in desperate need of a hug from her and taking off for the day  to visit yard sales, thrift shops, antique malls and Wendy’s for their seniors’ meal. (FYI, you have to ask for it – it isn’t advertised. And  I don’t think it’s available in Canada.)

Here’s hoping there will not be another infestation of gypsy moths again this year – surely after all the bitterly cold days we had over the winter some of them didn’t survive and our poor trees can continue to try to recover from 2021.  

Also planned for the spring… time with our granddaughter who will be four in the very early summer. How she can be four already is a mystery to us both.  The time has passed so astonishingly fast that we’re afraid to blink.  Our wee girl has gone from a babe in arms to a toddler to a little girl in such a short time. Words can’t describe the joy she brings us.  For us, there is nothing that brings more happiness than  her – she is the  antidote to depression, and watching her grow and learn is like opening a little treasure box every time we see her.  

The photo to the left was taken in spring 2021 of Sarah and I, and I’m happily anticipating similar images for 2022 under that old apple tree.  We’ll get Poppa in there, too!

Thank you again,  150 times, for reading the Wayback Times.  We hope you find this issue enjoyable and enlightening.

Have a wonderful spring – enjoy the special moments in between all the difficult stuff.  Keep a grateful heart.  Tell the ones you  love how much you love them. Help a neighbour, better yet – a stranger.  Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be a listener.

Safe travels, wherever you go.

Have a blessed and beautiful Easter and God bless you.

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