Ask the Old Guy – September/October/November/December 2020

Hi Old Guy,

During this COVID crisis my husband and I have been spending a lot of time at home cleaning, painting and fixing up the house, just like a lot of other people. In the process, I came across these wrestler figures that my son played with years ago when he was a boy. Are they of any value or should they be tossed? 

Annette Crockett

P.S.  I’m in favour of tossing, my husband is not.

Hi Annette,

Thanks for the email. I have never been much of a wrestling fan, maybe I just don’t get it, but I did a little research and was pleased with the results. 

These wrestlers were sold by the Titan Sports Company and are rubber replicas of real wrestling heroes and, to my surprise, are quite collectible in the nostalgia market.

There were 64 different unique molds of these WWF  8” wrestling super-stars that were made from 1984 – 1989.  

The wrestler on the top is known as “Ugandan Giant Kamala”  and was produced in 1987. The wrestler on the bottom goes by “The British Bulldog” and was introduced in 1986. Examples of him have sold on eBay for around $30 U.S. plus shipping charges and the Ugandan Giant Kampala sells for even more. Other popular wrestlers have sold for over $100 U.S., so your husband is right; don’t toss them. There’s likely a collector out there who wouldn’t mind adding them to their collection. 

The Old Guy

P.S. It might be an idea to ask your son if he wants them before you do anything.

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