Horses of the Country – Book Review

Horses of the Country ~ An Homage is a book masterfully written by Claudia Smith, a well-known Canadian historian. By definition, homage is a special honour or respect shown publicly. Claudia has succeeded on all counts, giving credence to such an important part of our Canadian history.

Beginning with a detailed history of horses in central Canada we are treated to an elaborate tale of hard work, pioneering spirit and a love of all things horse. Personal anecdotes, period photographs, and a virtual profusion of interesting information brings the reader so close to our rural history that one can almost feel transported back in time to a bygone era.

Horses of the Country is truly a tribute to our ancestors and their affinity with our four-legged friends. Many amusing stories and interesting tales give a whimsical look into our shared history. It emphasizes the importance of our families, our farms, and the hard working animals that forged Canadians’ indomitable spirit.

One aspect of this book I would be remiss to mention is the underlying theme of “guardians of a lost art.” It is quite clear the passion shared within these pages will not be forgotten. We can be thankful for so many people sharing their unrivalled work ethic, hard-won knowledge and down to earth truths. Collectively we are enhanced through this exchange of integral information and shared joy.

History has a way of teaching us what is important. To embrace our past and listen to the winds of time can only benefit our hearts and minds. Thank you Claudia for such a wonderful book and a glimpse into a page of the Canadian narrative.

Horses of the Country ~ An Homage delivers on so many levels. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read and chronicles our past in a very effective manner. It would make a worthy addition to anyone’s personal library. I give this literary gem two hooves up. 

Reviewed by Scott Dobson ~ a fence builder extraordinaire specializing in 19th century Lanark-style cedar rail fences for 30 years.  

For information about Horses of the Country ~ An Homage visit   ISBN   978-0-9948967-1-1 Price $39.95 

   It is also available at:

• Mill Street Books in Almonte 

• The Book Nook in Perth 

• White Pine Books in Arnprior  

• Ritchie Feed & Seed in Brockville. 

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