Ask the Young Guy – April/May/June 2020

Dear Young Guy,

I have the opportunity to purchase a relative’s souped- up 1971 Dodge Dart for what I think is a good price. Can I daily drive it since I just commute in a town, and can I use those historic license plates I see on older vehicles at car shows?
Oliver N, Trent Hills, ON

Hi Oliver, 

In our climate, I would highly discourage year-round driving of a classic car. The chemicals they spray on the roads to remove ice and snow are harsh to say the least, and classics don’t have the galvanized metal used in modern cars (which still rust on our roads!). Plus, a ’71 Dodge definitely doesn’t have heated seats or traction control, both things that you probably like having in the winter.

As for historic plates, they are for limited used vehicles and have restrictions: ie: the vehicle is only operated on a public roadway in parades, for purposes of exhibition, tours or familiar functions which have been organized by an official club or organization, or for purposes of repair, testing or demonstration for sale. The vehicle must also remain largely unmodified from its original state so the whole “souped up” aspect of the Dart might also affect that.

Depending on how good the price is, it could still be a very fun car for use in the summer!

Thanks for the e-mail,

The Young Guy

*The Young Guy is a certified mechanic –  the WT appreciates his input for the spring issue.

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