Ask the Old Guy – July/August/September 2021

Dear Old Guy,

I recently found a final issue of the Toronto Telegram tucked away in my closet. Bought it years ago at a garage sale for $2. It is in reasonably good condition. Now that it is 50 years old, how much would you say it is worth?

Jeff MartinToronto

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your email. Aside from an interesting time machine that takes you back to Oct. 30, 1971, the final issue of the Telegram has not gained much in value in 50 years. 

While I have seen the final Telegram offered online for up to $100, most often you can find them at flea markets and antique stores in the $5 range. And that is complete with the Weekend Magazine, comics and other supplements. The reason for the low price is the press run for the final Telegram was pumped up and bundles and bundles were kept as souvenirs. They are relatively easy to find today. More rare, and more valuable, are first issues of the 48-page Toronto Sun, dated Nov. 1, 1971. They can fetch $25 to $30 in good condition. 

If you ever come across a  Toronto Telegram newspaper box, however, they are quite collectible and depending on their condition their typical value  ranges anywhere from $200 – $350. 

The Old Guy

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  1. Scott Page says:

    Found a Toronto Telegram from July 16, 1969

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