Ask the Old Guy – July/August/September 2019

Dear Old Guy,

My husband and I have owned this travel poster for several years. I’m pretty sure it is not an original, but I like it because it reminds me of a train trip holiday we took over ten years ago. It is rather large, 36″ by 24″. My husband is going to have it framed for me for our anniversary in the fall. Any information about it would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Holly Blackston

Brantford, Ontario

Hi Holly,

Thanks for your email. You are correct. Your travel poster is a copy of an original 1924 Canadian Pacific Railway poster designed to promote travel to Canadian Pacific Hotels out west. Its true value is in the memories that it evokes for both of you. Thousands of reproduction posters like this can be purchased online, sold through dozens of companies. They sell in the range of $12 to $70 depending on subject matter and size.

The subject matter covers just about everything from late 1800,s circus posters to travel advertising, sports, movie, political, and even blacklight posters from the sixties. They range in style from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to Pop Art. Original antique posters can be as valuable as famous oil paintings depending on the artist involved. After you have your poster framed make sure it is not hung in a location that receives direct sunlight as it will fade and lose its colour. Also, avoid high humidity areas. The fact that your poster is large in size will make it a focal point in any room that you display it in.  Enjoy your memories. 

The Old Guy

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