Top 10 Tips For Buyers
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Antique Stores & Markets
1. Appreciate the pricing of antique dealers. Most dealers set their prices according to book values and supply and demand
2. Give antique dealers your Want List. Dealers appreciate the hunt as much as the sale, providing your find offer makes it worthwhile

3. Handle fragile items with care. Accidents do happen, but if you break something, be prepared to pay for the item

4. Keep the chats brief, browsers. Time is money for busy dealers and lengthy "when I was a kid" stories can lose them customers

5. Parents, supervise your children. Children let loose can be a dealer's worst nightmare, like little bulls in a china shop

6. Be courteous. Dealers across Ontario devote a lot of time and energy to keeping the customers satisfied

7. Read up on reproduction furniture. The wise shopper will ask questions and learn how to tell the difference

8. Dealers are buyers too. If you have antiques or collectibles to sell, ask if they are interested in buying your items

9. Sell on consignment. Many antique stores sell antiques and collectibles on consignment. What varies is the commission charged per sale

10. Big item, little car? Some dealers selling larger items do offer regional delivery services for a fee

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