Advertising Rates

For Information regarding advertising. We offer PRINT, CLASSIFIEDS and ONLINE spaces.



Since 1995 the Wayback Times has been published as a bi-monthly newspaper, six times a year.  As of January 2018, we will be changing to a quarterly publication. Our issues will now be available for a three-month period with printing dates for each season; winter, spring, summer and fall.


The following dates are our new deadlines for each quarterly issue:


Winter 2018: January/February/March issue 134 (printed mid-December to accommodate the holiday season) will have a deadline for advertisers of:
November 22:  Reserve your ad space by this date
Up to December 3: Send in your *print-ready ad copy


Spring 2018: April/May/June issue135
will have a deadline for advertisers of:
February 26: Reserve your ad space by this date
Up to March 9: Send in your *print-ready ad copy


Summer 2018: July/August/September issue 136
will have a deadline for advertisers of:
May 31: Reserve your ad space by this date
Up to June 11: Send in your *print-ready ad copy


Fall 2018: October/November/December issue 137
will have a deadline for advertisers of:
August 30: Reserve your ad space by this date
Up to September 10: Send in your *print-ready ad copy


*”Print ready” refers to ad copy that is fully prepared in a pdf, tiff or jpg format and ready to go to press


 The Wayback Times

Display Advertising Rates (unchanged since 2015)
 plus HST on all rates
Full Page: 16” high x 10” wide;
Black and white: $595; Colour: $695
Full Page Back: 16” high x 10″ wide;
 Colour: $720  (back page currently not available)
Full Page, Pg 3: (if available) 16” high X 10” wide;
Colour: $720
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.5″ high x 10″ wide:
B&W: $335; Colour: $398
1/2 Page Vertical: 16” high x 4.75” wide:
B&W: $335; Colour: $398
1/4 page Vertical: 7.5” high by 4.75” wide:
B&W: $180; Colour $215
1/4 page Horizontal Banner: 3.5″ high x 10″ wide:
B&W: $180; Colour: $215
1/8 Page Banner Front Page:  10″ wide x 1.75” high
Colour only: $275 (No space currently available)
1/8 Page Vertical: 3.75″ wide x 4.75″ high:
B&W: $150; Colour: $175
1/8 Page Horizontal: 4.75″ wide x 3.75″ high:
 B&W: $125; Colour: $140
1/8 Page Banner: 10″ wide x 1.75″ high:
B&W: $125; Colour: $140
1/16 Page: 3.5” high x 2.25″ wide:
 B&W: $78; Colour: $95
Top right front page:  vertical 4.5” high by 2″ wide:
Colour only: $375
Business Card: 3.25″ wide x 1.75″ high:
B&W only: $50 (not available in colour)
(All sizes are approximate)
All colour files (advertisements) must be submitted in a PDF or JPG format, 300 dpi at 100%, CMYK with true black.
All rates are subject to change.
These rates apply to prepared ad copy. An additional $25 per hour charge applies to any ad which requires lay-out and design, and this increases to $40 per hour after the indicated deadline date.
(Please call ahead – 705-696-1833 – for an estimate of time required if you need this service.)


Payable with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, PayPal, cheque
or money order. There is a $50 charge for returned NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) cheques,




All display ad shows will be mentioned in the Events Calendar with the exception of business card ads. All advertised shows, auctions and events will be posted online at at no extra cost.
Interest on overdue accounts will be 8% per month beginning immediately after the due date.
All new accounts must make payment at time of advertising placement order.

Internet rates

Business logos on the home page: $25 per issue  (3 month period as of 2018)
Classified rates (Includes free classified postings on our website)
 One Issue: $20 (30 words)
Two Issues: $35 (30 words)
Three Issues: $50 (30 words)
 Four Issues (One year) $60 (30 words)
Online only classified rates for 30-word ads:
Two month minimum: $10 + $5 per month (Additional words 30 cents each)
Full year, $30 (30 words)
All rates are plus HST