Wanting to Buy

WTB: Collector looking to buy antique and vintage marbles. Send pictures to bjmarble@cogeco.ca or call 905-545-0519. Best cash prices paid. jf/18

WTB: Will pay honest prices for: Old Bibles with family tree section, any condition. Military medals, uniforms, bayonets, swords, documents, Mein Kampf, helmets. Pick up in cafeteria or your location. Please call 416-234-0873. ja/13

WTB: A collector trying to recreate an old time general store wants old tins, postcards, bottles, magazines, books, signs, toys, advertising, old store stock and paper items. 416-745-4981 nd/17

WTB: Poultry memorabilia; old hatchery signs, show ribbons, catalogues, books, schilling paintings, old photos of poultry shows, trophies. Please email bashcurl@golden.net ja/17

WTB: Hockey and baseball cards (pre-1973); Shirriff/Salada hockey and baseball coins; CFL football coins; Toronto and Montreal Post hockey marbles; Cowan hockey tiles; any vintage including Cobb, Ruth, Mantle, Morenz, Horton, Orr. Please call 519-404-6277 or e-mail gppb4@rogers.comso/16


WTB: Threadless insulators: Long-time collectors looking for threadless glass telegraph insulators. For individual items or entire collections, please call Tom @ 519-641-0098, Eli @ 705-331-6890 or e-mail tiannelli0098@rogers.com ma/17

WTB: Collector wishes to buy militaria. Tools of the various trades, petroleum advertising, edged weapons & knives and pre-1897 handguns… whether it be a single piece or an entire collection. Please call 705-778-7401.

WTB: Wanted for collector: Beswick horses, ponies, foals, mounted figures, wall plaques. Cash paid. Send photos to dkhoward@xplornet.ca or call 519-475-6752 ma/17

WTB: Cash for old and new hockey cards. Call anytime: 416-294-4601.

WTB: Old fishing lures, lure boxes, fishing reels and related items.Paying $$$ for mint lures in boxes.Collector Patrick 613-398-7245 or www.ontariolures.com

WTB: Hockey cards wanted: Cash for your old hockey cards! Other sports too! Free pick up. Call 416-294-4601, or email rob@popupshowscanada.com

WTB: Old hotel signs that say “Ladies & Escorts” or “Men Only.” Please call Dave: 905-885-5500 so/16

WTB: I buy antique and vintage collectible marbles. Send pictures to robert.defreitas@sympatico.ca or call Bob at 905-697-9739.


WTB: Cash paid for your old comic books. Free pick up. Please call anytime: 416-294-4601.

WTB: Threadless insulators. Long-time collectors looking for threadless glass telegraph insulators. For individual items or entire collections, please call Tom at 519-641-0098, Eli at 705-331-6890 or e-mail tiannelli0098@rogers.com ma/16

WTB: High-end live steam models and associated items. Also toy trains and boats – prior to the 1960s. Items or collections. Email: quintemanagement@hotmail.com or phone 613-968-5200.


WTB: Snider clocks Toronto 1950 to mid 1970s. Wall, starburst, mantel, alarm, TV lamp models. Please contact Allan, 613-584-9687 or e-mail enquiries@canclockmuseum.ca. The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario. Visit canclockmuseum.ca ja/107

WTB: Police badges I will pay cash for your old police badges for my displays. I am trying to keep the history of policing alive. Looking for any old Toronto, OPP, Ontario, Peel, Dominion and Irish police badges. Also, I am interested any police photos and artifacts as well to display. Highest prices paid! Steven: 416-873-8893, or email: walkthebeat@sympatico.ca

WTB: Guns, rifles, handguns, bb guns, shotguns, good, old or broken etc. I will buy them all. Turn that old rusty gun in your closet into cash. Fair prices. I’ll do all the paperwork needed. Call 905-884-0065 c/o Bryan, or e-mail me at bjsgear@yahoo.com jf/16

WTB: Boy Scouts of Canada or America (BSA) patches, badges, neckerchiefs, National and World Jamborees Scout handbook posters, knives, older uniforms. Email donkiper@bell.net or call 905-356-5388. ja/17

WTB: Old telephones: Wooden wall, old desk phones, telephone parts or related items. Also, call Fred for repairs and restoration of vintage phones 905-459-5263, or email fred_lawco@yahoo.ca