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Regent Theatre: The Monarch of Main Street, by Ian S. Robertson
A relatively small band of historic theatres born in an era of vaudeville and silent films can be found in Ontario. One gem is Picton’s Regent Theatre, with its inviting, iconic marquis and a history filled with cultural changes and determination. The author, a movie buff since childhood, provides a detailed evolution of the Prince Edward County theatre, which will mark its 100th anniversary in November 2018. He also provides a history of film itself. There is an abundance of stories to tell about that iconic 1830s building on Main Street and Robertson, a former investigative reporter for the Toronto Sun, strives to get the facts straight on all fronts. Fascinating are the interviews with members of the Cook family, who owned the Regent for 66 years, and seniors who recall attending the Regent as children. The theatre underwent several facelifts in the 20th century as it made the transition from the silents to talkies and from vaudeville to local and touring theatre productions. Pulled from the brink of demolition in the 1980s by a community spirit that continues today, the Regent stands proud for patrons who enjoy movies, live theatre and concerts. The book is generously illustrated with photos from the archives and Robertson’s own photo and postcard collection.
Paperback, 92 pages, published in 2014 by County Magazine Printshop. Copies are $30 and available at County Magazine, 257 Main St., Bloomfield, or online at Reviewed by John Cosway
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Folk Art in the Attic: Adventures from a Lifetime of Hunting for Antiques and Folk Art, by Shaun Markey
With over 30 years of collecting, picking, dealing and researching Canadian antiques, folk art and collectibles, Ottawa-born Shaun Markey has assembled a fascinating collection of stories. Canadiana, from cupboards and harvest tables to paintings, carvings, pottery, toys and collectibles, come to life in the 184 pages. Shaun takes us from adventure to adventure, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way. His passion for regional history and detail add depth to his stories. One can feel his excitement, his triumphs and his disappointments. You want to keep reading. Historical facts and geographical details help the reader put the stories into context. Shaun, who has been buying and selling at shows in Ottawa, Bowmanville and LaChure etc., says his interest in antiques was sparked by a grainy, early 1900s black and white photo of his paternal grandmother's family's log homestead in Throoptown, Ontario. Shaun shares what he has learned over the decades, including practical tips and cautions. Folk Art in the Attic is illustrated with excellent quality photos of the items and people in the stories. This fascinating insight into the world of Canadian antiques, folk art and collectibles would make an ideal gift for anyone with similar interests. A great read. The author/journalist can be reached through his Facebook page below.
Paperback, 184 pages, $19.99, published in 2014 by Sonderho Press. Available at Chapters Indigo, and Facebook at Reviewed by Margaret McAulay
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Camp Picton: Wartime to Peacetime, by Ian S. Robertson
Nationally known journalist and historian Ian S. Robertson has written a comprehensive and detailed account of the fascinating history of Camp Picton, located in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The camp was the largest military base in Canada, built under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Researched over a period surpassing four years, the book explores Camp Picton from the time of its origin as a gunnery and bombing school during WWII to its present day use. The book documents compelling stories connected to the camp through the lives of the young fliers who trained there and interacted with the surrounding communities. There are tales of lives lived and lost, near misses and occasional humour and romance. A chapter that includes modern films and documentaries linked to the base and a section dealing with the testing of the ill-fated Avro Arrow are also included. Camp Picton is an engaging fact-based read of an important part of Canadian history. It is well researched and well written.
Paperback, 178 pages, published in 2014 by Country Magazine Printshop, Copies are available at Books and Company, 279 Main St. Picton; Loch-Sly Holdings (Camp Picton) on Church St., Picton, and online at County Magazine Printshop, 257 Main St. Bloomfield.
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Killer Stuff and Tons of Money, by Maureen Stanton
It is not often that you can pick up a book about antiques and collectibles and get through it as quickly as a suspense novel. Killer Stuff and Tons of Money is a must-read for anyone who participates in, or has an interest in, the antiques industry. The author, Maureen Stanton, an award-winning writer and teacher at the University of Missouri, took a great deal of time to compile the book - time enough to witness the constantly changing trends and to learn about the industry from the ground up . . . from bottle digging and flea markets to setting up at the prestigious Boston Antiques Weekend. Through the mentoring of a seasoned and passionate antiques dealer, Curt Avery (a pseudonym), Maureen is gradually drawn into the competitive and fascinating realm of the life of the antique dealer and all that it entails. Curt Avery is the kind of dealer the world needs more of. Passionate, honest and obsessed with learning, even the “expletive deletive” language is (somewhat) forgotten when you get to know all about him. With a true love and deep respect for the items he buys and sells, Avery is the genuine thing - a dealer who loves what he does, not for the money he makes (sometimes) but for the appreciation and knowledge these items provide him. For the antique dealer, the book highlights what most of you already know; it's a tough way to make a living. The best rewards are found in the rare discovery of something remarkable and the thrill of the hunt. Humour and down-to-earth writing describes the actual activities involved in a dealer’s life, from the time-consuming auctions to setting up camp at outdoor shows - every dealer has experienced much of what Stanton describes: it is by no means the life of leisure one might imagine. Dealers can commiserate with many of the stories and will recognize the experiences of shows like the mentioned (and much-loved) Brimfield event to be like so many of their own, where you are slugging it out in the heat, or the rain, or the cold, missing important family events, or going home with a truckload that’s bigger than the one you left with. For the antique collector, it's an eye-opener that explains more about the business than you could otherwise learn - aside from setting up shop yourself. You will find out why things are priced the way they are, what is involved in the acquisition of many antiques and what makes an antique truly just that - an antique. Through her personable visits and interviews with them, Stanton introduces us to an assortment of collectors, dealers and even forgers. As she learns the business, we also learn, and it's an entertaining and enlightening process. Even the late Bill Jamieson, the Torontonian “head hunter” (shrunken, that is) has a chapter more or less dedicated to him, entitled appropriately, Two Heads Are Better Than One. Another chapter, Roadshow Rage, takes you behind the scenes of the popular Antiques Roadshow where you learn a thing or two about the process involved in the production and its history. For every reader, this book confirms the enormous importance of research and how an informed buyer will be rewarded for their knowledge in the long-run.
Soft cover, 326 pages, $17, published in 2012 by Penguin Books. Visit
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Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide 2012-2013,
by Judith Miller
This stunning-looking book is well worth the rather hefty price tag of $49.99. It is beautifully printed and the 8,000-plus pictures, all in colour, are sharp and clear. The reader has no trouble making out the details on the pieces, details that are crucial for identification. The format stays the same, year in, year out, but this is a format that works. Each piece is accompanied by a detailed caption that describes the object, dates it (if possible), gives a price range and, by using a code, says where the piece was sold, be it at an auction house or in an antiques shop. Items featured are broken down into the major collecting areas: ceramics; oriental; furniture; boxes; clocks, barometers and scientific instruments; metalware; glass; lighting; jewelry; objets de vertu; architectural; textiles; books and prints; dolls, toys and models; sporting antiques; tribal art; arms and armor; antiquities; and musical instruments. In other words, there is something for everyone. There follows a large section devoted to the Decorative Arts and Modern Design, which include in their turn: ceramics; furniture; glass; clocks; lighting; metalware; sculpture; and textiles. This special section reflects the strong public interest in these areas of collecting. Each section’s introduction is written by an expert in that field and this gives the reader an overview of what has been happening sales-wise in that particular area. Pieces that made especially great prices are featured, my favorite being the story about a Qianlong vase found in a bungalow in Pinner, Middlesex, England. For those of you who don't know England well, this is not a particularly glamorous place to live. The winning bid was $69 million ($84 million including the buyer’s premium) – not bad for something that had just been lying around. The guide provides useful and interesting information. There are ‘Essential Reference’ boxes that give the reader basic information about different manufacturers. Factory marks are also included, as are a chart of the different woods, the types of feet found on furniture and ‘Fake Alerts’ – how to spot a dud. This year, a new feature is the author’s Judith Picks. These highlight a particular item, for example Goat-and-Bee jugs, or the designer Christopher Dresser, which has piqued Judith’s curiosity and a number of these, with more in-depth facts, have been included. The sheer variety of objects and all the miscellaneous information provided make this a really fun book to read.
Hardcover, 648 pages, $49.99, published in 2011 by Octopus Publishing Group Limited, Reviewed by Jessamy Johnson.
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The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Art Glass,
by Deborah Patterson
For lovers of Canadian-made Chalet art glass, this book is pure "eye candy," beautifully laid out, easy to read and providing you with in-depth information about the glass, its creators and its eastern Ontario history. Images literally pop from the pages, showcasing the graceful lines, jewel tone colours and innovative shapes. On a more intimate level, author Deborah Patterson delves into the lives of the artists who were "part of a revolution in glass design and production." The book offers a personal element as she shares their individual stories with readers. Deborah is a passionate Chalet glass collector and her enthusiasm is contagious. She was the lead coordinator in the 2010 Art & Artisans of Chalet Glass Exhibit in Cornwall and has previously published a reference guide entitled Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines. With the surging popularity of "retro" in today's antique shops and markets these days, this artistic Canadian art glass is making a huge comeback. The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Art Glass book is a suitable for both your library and your coffee table. You'll find yourself picking it up time and again, even if it's just to feast on the images after you have read it several times.
Softcover, 112 pages, $95 online at or at the Collins Bay Flea Market in Kingston. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Canada Cycle & Motor: The CCM Story,
by John A. McKenty
John A. McKenty’s new book is a history of the famous Canadian company known as CCM. It is a thorough and insightful work on the many products of the company from its beginning in 1899 to its closure in 1983. The book is filled with 150 vintage photos and company advertising. Included are photos and stories of many sport figures of the various time periods. Not only is it a book that tells the history of a major manufacturing company in Canada in that period, but the book is organized to present a snapshot of Canada in a historical context. Past histories of Canada Cycle & Motor have focused on hockey skates, sticks and bicycles. McKenty introduces the little known story of how the company began in the automobile business. The Russell automobile came in three models and five types and the book contains original photos and advertisements of the Russell in the early 20th Century. The other story that has never been written about in great detail is the area of professional bicycle racing and the famous Canadian racers. There is a photo of Art Spencer on his Track Racer CCM Flyer in the early 1920s. The ad notes that Art won the U.S. Sprint Championship series in 1917 and 1920. Also included are photos and stories on William “Torchy” Peden and William “Doc” Morton, legendary bicycle racers in the Golden Age of Racing. Both the World War I and II eras are discussed in detail and there are many photos of the factory at work assembling and shipping bicycles to the troops overseas. A special treat is a photo and story on Harrison Randall, “Canada’s Cycling Serenader” of World War II. He toured the country and entertained troops on his bicycle. The book has great Christmas ads and photos of the various products through the decades. It is a cultural study of Canada in that time period. The book is a fantastic read from cover to cover. It contains little tidbits on how products began. (For example, ice skate blades began as an after thought when someone noticed all the scrap metal in the plant and found a new use for them.) The plant in Toronto is gone, but The CCM Story keeps the memory alive.
Published by Epic Press, $28.95. Contact Information, John A. McKenty RR5 Stn Main Perth, Ont. K7H 3C7. Website: Reviewed by Jim Trautman.
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Fragile and Fanciful: The Story of Nova Scotia Glass,
by Deborah Trask
There is very little literature available on the history of glassmaking in Canada, but Deborah Trask has changed that with her new softcover book published this year by Goose Lane Editions. The book has been researched meticulously over many decades and Deborah has sought out accurate information to substantiate her historical narrative. This beautifully compiled book marks the brief time in Canadian history when the Maritimes (Nova Scotia in particular) were home to several glass factories in the 1880s. What made these companies different from glass manufacturers prior to their existence were the products made. Not just the typical oil lamp shades, globes and bottles, these companies designed and produced moulded and pressed glass which had only been available from the United States until that time. The book encompasses the struggles and challenges, the victories and defeats within the companies as they dealt with the many variables affecting them - politics, financing, unions, even questionable racial relations. Ms. Trask utilized excellent photography of the highly sought-after glassware, interspersed with diagrams, old photographs, drawings and articles from newspapers of the day. The lives and many photographs of the people involved bring the history to life and create a book well worth reading. Identification of patterns and different types of glass are well documented and there is a very useful section on the care and handling of antique glass. With so many glass collectors seeking these rare and genuinely Canadian made pieces from this important era, this book is a definite must-have for a collector’s library or for the Canadian history buff. Well written and impressively formatted, Fragile and Fanciful will both entertain and educate you.
Softcover, 120 pages, $22.95, published by Goose Lane Editions - Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Collecting Costume Jewelry 202, by Julia C. Carroll
One of the more comprehensive books on collecting costume jewelry is back in an enhanced and more detailed edition. Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry 1935-1980, Second Edition, is just out from Collector Books. It is another solid reference from Julia C. Carroll, a seasoned collector and the author of several other jewelry-related books. In this newly revised volume more than 2,300 selected design patent drawings have organized into readily identifiable groups. They replace earlier design patent numbers. More than 200 new and updated photographs have also been added, including an expanded section on enduring Boucher jewelry. There are more vintage advertisements as well. Readers can now scan over 170 ads for Ciner, Haskell, Bogoff, Trifari, Mazer, Castlecliff, Whiting and Davis, and others. In the book is introduction author Carroll also mentions new material on rare Adele Simpson jewelry, and fascinating new information about Regency Jewels. The Regency section of the book includes information obtained from Raymond Albertieri who managed every aspect of Regency Jewels from the late 1940s into the early 1970s. Coverage extends from Accessocraft and Avon to Weiss and Yves Saint Laurent and includes a generous supply of color photographs and black and white illustrations. In its scope the book offers up six methods of dating jewelry including the makerís signature, patent information, vintage advertisements, style and design, reference books and the internet, and by provenance.
Softcover, 496 indexed pages, $24.95, plus shipping. Published by Collector Books, 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Robert Reed.
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Compass Chronicles, by Kornelia Takacs
While the simple compass may not seem worthy of a full volume, it turns out that Compass Chronicles from Schiffer Publishing is quite interesting. The book steadily points in an interesting direction as it covers the design and function of the compass in the military, scouting, signal corps, surveying, maritime, and elsewhere. Fine examples date from the late 18th century to the 1940s, however most of the emphasis is on latter 19th century and early 20th century pieces. Sections of this quality book include styles of encased compasses including cases made of wood, leather, brass, or other materials. A chapter on origins includes British, French, German, Russian, American examples. Origins of Oriental compasses and so-called escape compasses are also covered. More than 500 full color illustrations add substantially to the comprehensive presentation, and each photo is supplemented with a detailed description. A portion of the book is dedicated to the special uses of compasses by groups such as the U.S. Engineering Department, the U.S. Signal Corps, the U.S. Military, and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Then there are compasses especially suited for surveying or for mining, wrist compasses, and promotional compasses. Pocket compasses are intriguing,î notes author Kornelia Takacs who has been a fascinated collector of various types of compasses for more than a decade. Takacs adds, "They are relatively simple in construction, but quite elegant. Their variety of styles is expressed in the skill and craftsmanship that was an essential part of their creation. They are practical, unique, and metaphorical. I certainly did not imagine the incredible variety when I first became interested in the subject."
Hardcover, 175 indexed pages, $39.99 US plus shipping. Published by Schiffer Publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310. Reviewed by Robert Reed.
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Encyclopedia of Cobalt Glass, by Tom Felt and Gene and Bernadette Girard
The newly released Encyclopedia of Glass is a sparkling edition for those with a fondness of the deep blue ware. This highly comprehensive book draws collectible cobalt glass from two categories. The first category represents machine-made glassware produced from the mid 1920s to the 1940s, referred to as Depression Glass. The second group is the hand-finished glass of the same period, often called Elegant Depression Glass. The authors, Tom Felt and Gene and Bernadette Girard, offer up more than 800 colour photographs along with current values of each piece. There is a tremendous range of items covered in the book from candlesticks and console sets to table settings and vases. Also included and illustrated are bowls, compotes, cake stands, trays, platters, perfumes, and pitchers. Not surprisingly, the grand champions of glass making are covered in the volume as well. They included Cambridge City, Central Glass, Duncan & Miller, Fostoria Glass, Hazel Atlas, A. H. Heisey, Imperial, Paden City, and Westmoreland. The authors note that much of the cobalt glass of the earlier 20th century varied in depth of color, tint, and brilliance. Consequently, many of the very dark cobalt blues are difficult to differentiate when it comes to producers.
Hardcover, 304 pages, $39.95 US plus shipping. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Robert Reed.
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Large Letter Postcards, by Fred Tenney and Kevin Hilbert
At long last, large letter postcards are getting the attention they deserve. For decades letter-blazing greetings from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Reading, Pennsylvania were collected but not truly documented. While they brought attention to every state, most American cities, and lots of military bases, they were seldom grouped for recognition. Large Letter Postcards: The Definitive Guide 1930s to 1950s by Fred Tenney and Kevin Hilbert changes all that. The impressive volume provides a sweeping look at more than 2,300 colourful large letter greetings-related postcards of yesteryear. “Large letter postcards are among the most collectible postcards from the linen era,” note the authors, “sometimes selling for over $100. The vibrant and vivid colours plus the creative designs make large letter postcards stand out from other postcards.” They added, “the retro quality of the scenes, artwork and graphic designs from the past make these cards highly collectible. Large letter postcards can be given as a gift, framed or collected. A variety of souvenirs, like mugs, magnets, greeting cards, or even modern postcards, can be found utilizing these postcards from the past.” Clearly large letter greetings-type postcards were in use in the United States by the early 1900s. However as the authors point out a list of all the large letter postcards “could run into the tens of thousands.” Instead the book centers on the so-called classic age from the early 1930s to the middle 1950s. Chapters in the volume include 50 scarce large letter postcards, 50 graphically appealing large letter postcards, and manufacturers. Still an additional section provides such postcards by states along with current values. Interestingly the authors indicate that many postcard manufacturers did not keep the necessary records to construct their listing of hundreds of postcards. Instead, “it had to be done through acquisition with some postcards taking years to obtain.” The co-authors have considerable experience in the postcard field. Tenney is a long time buyer and seller of such large letter postcards. Hilbert has collected postcards since early childhood. Both authors are residents of Arizona.
Hardcover, 160 pages, 2,375 colour photographs, $39.99 US plus shipping. Published by Schiffer Publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310. Reviewed by Robert Reed.
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Popular Fiction Periodicals A Collectors’ Guide to Vintage Pulps, Digests and Magazines, by Jeff Canja
This recently released gold mine of information covers pulp magazines and digests of all genres; men’s adventure magazines, true detective magazines and other sensational newsstand fiction from the 20th century. Interest in vintage pulps and other fiction magazines has been increasing steadily in recent years. They are highly sought after in today’s market. This second edition, a timely replacement of the first 2005 edition, provides excellent reference material to cover the field Canja, a rare and used book dealer, specializes in - pulp fiction-type material. His knowledge and acumen are evident in all aspects of the book, including extensive listings of actual market prices, over 1,800 illustrations, a brilliant gallery featuring cover art of 125 premium vintage-era artists and much more. If pulp fiction is in your realm of collecting, this book will prove to be a vital asset as a research tool. It will also provide hours of entertainment.
Softcover, 380 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Glenmoor Publishing, PO Box 4514 East Lansing, MI 48826, Tel: 517-999-3319, e-mail:,
Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Antique Silver Library CD, by Intermagine Media
An absolute must-have for anyone looking for information on antique silver, this CD represents over 8,700 pages from a compilation of 30 privately published, rare and out-of-print reference books from the 19th and 20th centuries. This useful and valuable information covers a enormous variety of silver related topics. Much of the reference material used has just been rediscovered in the antique manuscripts formerly lost or not known to exist until recently, providing incredible data that was previously difficult or impossible to find. The CD has been produced by digitally scanning these original publications and offering them in an easily accessible and searchable format; quite a bit more convenient than looking through 30 entire books. Due to the extensive list of subjects covered on the silversmith arts - antique silver, silver hallmarks, assay, metal craft, jewellery, horology, silver mining, silver periods, silver fakes and forgeries, restoration, provenance, silver museums, exhibitions and auctions - just to name a few, we recommend that you visit the website at to see a complete listing of the contents of the CD. You will also find useful examples of the Antique Silver Library CD images and contents. This compendium is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in silver, personal or professional. Recommended by the Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver.From Intermagine Media, LLC, 28 Bayley St., Ste. 104 Pawtucket, RI 02860 USA. Tel: 401-316-4670, or e-mail
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Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats, by James Trautman
You might recognize the name of James Trautman who regularly contributes fine articles on a multitude of subjects to many publications in Canada and the United States. When Trautman takes it upon himself to write a book, the results are quite remarkable. Pan American Clippers is an historical work of art on "the golden age of flying boats." Profusely illustrated, the pages leap to life with old magazine ads, colourful brochures of the era, and rare period photographs. Author Trautman writes, "For a brief period in aviation history the most majestic and beautiful planes ever to fly appeared on routes from the United States to Central and South America, the Orient and Europe. The Golden Age of Aviation brought forth the S-40, S-42, Martin 130 and the Boeing 314, aircraft that would forever become known as Clippers.” Exhaustive research and gifted writing allow Trautman to take you on a fascinating journey through this unique era of aircraft and aviation. Not only were these flying boats used to elegantly transport those living glamorous lifestyles to glorious destinations, they also provided military service in World War II. From the vintage Art Deco advertising, recollections of former passengers and inclusions of items such as the daily log of an engineer, the many facets of this 15 year reign of the skies is laid out before you in an inviting and absorbing format. For anyone with a passion for aviation, it is a delightful assemblage of data and a welcome addition to their library. But with his skillful arrangement and beautiful presentation, Trautman has created a book that anyone will enjoy reading. It will take a place of honour on your coffee table as you pour over the pages time and again. Chances are you'll be wishing that you could have experienced travel on the Pam American clippers first hand back in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Trautman offers you a vicarious alternative that you can enjoy in the comfort of your favourite chair.

Hardcover, 272 pages. Published by Boston Mills Press, distributed by Reviewed by Wayback Times staff
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The Official Precious Moments Collectors Guide to Figurines, Third Edition, by John and Malinda Bomm
This compilation of facts and photos is a must have for Precious Moment figurine collectors. With thousands of pieces expertly photographed and depicted in full colour, this book provides the reader with the most comprehensive identification and valuation guide on the market for Precious Moment figurines. The easy to use format showcases figurines from the original 21, introduced in 1979, up to the present. The somewhat complicated system of production symbols used to determine the date of manufacture is explained fully and current values are provided based on these symbols. There is a numerical index at the back of the book for pieces that were manufactured from 1982 to the present as well as a general index that is set up alphabetically so pieces can be searched by name, making this guide extremely easy to navigate. Another feature of this publication is the checklist box provided under each Precious Moment figurine that allows the reader to keep track of their own collection and record each purchase. Interesting background information is given on the history of the company and a section on cleaning your Precious Moments is also useful. If you are a collector of these very popular bisque figurines, you will find this book both helpful and informative.
Softcover, 272 pages, $24.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff
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20th Century Costume Jewelry 1900 - 1980: Second Edition Identification and Value Guide, by Katie Joe Atkins
As a dealer who specializes in vintage costume jewellery, I am always thrilled when another useful reference source appears on the market. There have been, over the years, some stellar publications on this subject, but this book fell short of my expectations. Although the content is useful and varied, with descriptions and values, it gets somewhat off-topic with sections on accessories that deal with lighters, compacts, sunglasses, belts, cuff links, tie clips and such. Collectors expect a book on jewellery to be just that, and while accessories have their place, it is not in a jewellery price guide. Much of the photography lacks vibrancy and tone; in contrast, some of the descriptions, which are clear and precise, are negated by images which look nothing like the description. In most cases the colours of the items described rarely match the descriptions, and all of the jewellery has a blue-green cast to it. This is unfortunate as the colour of a piece is the most important part of any jewellery. Visual appeal is typically what compels us to buy not only the jewellery, but also the books we rely on. It is fortunate that the descriptions are expansive, because they are the saving grace for what could have been a marvelous follow up to a great First Edition. The Second Edition of 20th Century Costume Jewelry is informative and interesting, but not as visually appealing as I had hoped for. Collector Books generally produces excellent books, but this one falls somewhat short of its mark.
Hardcover, 272 pages, $24.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Valerie Hammond, collector, dealer and author of All That Glitters.
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Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts, by Jim Bennett.
Being an avid collector of Indian artifacts from across the globe, I only wish I had read this excellent resource ... even last year, before I purchased some pricey pieces to add to my collection. Just to know they were authentic. We have all been "burned," myself included. However, from this point forward, armed with the knowledge gained from reading this text, I will be much less likely to purchase an altered, fraudulent or misrepresented relic. Collecting Indian artifacts has gained phenomenal popularity of late. It is not a secret to acknowledge that most, if not all, higher-end antiques and collectibles are being fraudulently reproduced or altered and knowingly sold as "the real deal." Jim Bennett's Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts no doubt has been written for all collectors of Indian artifacts, ranging from the most experienced to the novice. It provides a detailed tutorial on how to avoid buying any misrepresented Indian artifact by using his extremely simple scientific investigation. With almost 800 colour plates, the reader is taken step-by-step through microscopic analyses to gain an excellent understanding of how to easily recognize genuine artifacts from artifakes.

Hardcover, 240 pages, $29.95 U.S.
Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Reviewed by Ernest Kowalchuk,
collector and antique dealer
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Horsman Dolls: The Vinyl Era 1950 To Present, by Don Jensen
I opened this book with great enthusiasm hoping to find my first "real hair" doll, the one with hair I could wash and style. I skipped the early chapters and searched the excellent pictures in the chapter called Horsman A to Z. No - it wasn't there. So, I went back to the beginning to begin my research. I began with the chapter called What's Hot and What's Not - Yet! As an example, an antique French doll that sold for $100 in 1960 would sell for thousands today. The chapter on identifying your doll was particularly well written. Clues were in small separate boxes allowing a quick scanning of the information. Names of individual dolls were required so that you could quickly skip to the required page. Dating your doll came next. Qualities were again in columns so that searching was easy. Now I was on to the chapter, What's My Doll Worth. Prices were given in a range showing condition as a guide to the value. Most dolls from the ‘50s to the present are in the $10 - $50 range. These dolls are easy to find at garage sales, flea markets, and antique sales. No, I didn't find my doll. But I did get a new appreciation of Horsman dolls from this publication and will certainly be able to identify one if I see one for sale. The book is a great reference source for the doll collector.
Hardcover, 240 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Carol Kowalchuk, collector and antique dealer
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Unitt's Book of Marks on Antiques and Collectables, compiled by Barbara and Peter Sutton-Smith
Unitt's books are an age-old favourite among serious collectors and have been used for reference and identification purposes by antique dealers and appraisers for years. This latest effort, compiled by Barbara and Peter Sutton-Smith, continues the tradition and adds to their excellent reputation. Extensively researched and expertly presented, it is the fourth expanded and enlarged edition. Organized alphabetically by manufacturer, the book encompasses marks, labels, insignias and symbols found on silver, glass, ceramics, dolls, china, porcelain and pottery pieces produced in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. The chapter on silver contains a section on Canadian silver and silver plate marks arranged by province, town and maker's name The silver standard process and hallmarks are explained and a silver glossary is provided. Chapters covering hundreds of glass manufacturers symbols, doll makers marks and ceramic manufacturer identification marks are just as informative. Interesting text on the history of companies and their products is also included. Major well-known marks of companies like Roseville, Minton, Spode, Fenton and Lalique along with the more obscure manufacturers marks are illustrated in detail and dated. Special attention is given to Canadian manufacturers as well. Hints, tips, and helpful identification details along with collecting information are also provided. Values are not given, but the accurate and concise depiction of the marks and the easy to navigate index allow for quick identification. This book is a must for properly identifying and dating signed or marked pieces.

Softcover, 351 pages, $19.95 Cdn. Published by Fitzhenry @ Whiteside Ltd.
Markham, Ontario L3R 4T8 Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Sherman Jewellery: The Masterpiece Collection, by Sandra Caldwell and Evelyn Yallen
Hot off the press, this gorgeous book has been meticulously researched and designed. Emphasis is placed on the larger Sherman designs - large bracelets, bib necklaces, generously sized pins and the iconic rigid cuff bracelets - a Sherman trademark. These items "pop" in the visually stunning photography - the incredible detail and design is illustrated on page after page of magnificent pieces. Colours are gloriously captured in each photo and the Swarovski crystal used in each piece by Sherman sparkles as brightly as when it was first made almost 60 years ago. This Canadian made jewellery has become a hot collectible worldwide recently causing prices to skyrocket. Long time Sherman collectors will be pleasantly surprised by some rare pieces and perhaps by the controversial chapter entitled "Signed vs. unsigned" - always a hot topic for the true collector. New collectors will want to head to the nearest Sherman dealer to add to their collection.
Hardcover, 260 pages, $60 Cdn. Visit to order. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Antique Santa Claus Collectibles Identification and Value Guide, by David Longest
Just in time for Christmas, Collector Books has released Antique Santa Claus Collectibles, authored by David Longest. David is an Indiana high school teacher who has had eight previous identification and value guides published by Collector Books. This latest effort offers an engaging, entertaining and informative look at Santa collectibles from the 1800s to the present. A time line is used to help date each Santa and two valuations are shown for each of over 700 items that are presented in full colour. One value is for good but used condition and another for like-new or mint condition. The book starts with an interesting chapter on the history of Santa Claus and is followed by subsequent chapters divided chronologically; Victorian and early 20th century Santas, Santas Between the Wars - 1920s to 1930s, Santa Collecting 1940s to 1960s and Santa Collecting 1970s to present. A chapter on the history of A Town Called Santa Claus is also presented along with a Santa Collectibles Resource Guide that will help Santa enthusiasts acquire and maintain their collections. This is an interesting and informative book that will unwrap a lot of Christmas memories.
Hardcover, 190 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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A Biographical Index of Daguerreotypists in Canada 1839 - 1871, by Graham W. Garrett
Not a book, but a CD. Here is a wonderful idea that has made its way into the realm of literature, and in this particular case, the subject of daguerreotypes. This compact and informative CD represents the contents of what would likely be a large index book, but Archive CD Books Canada Inc., has made available a huge library on CD, including this Biographical Index of Daguerreotypists. Graham W. Garrett, one of this country's foremost experts on early photography, has meticulously compiled this comprehensive index of listings indicating Canadian individuals and companies who were instrumental in the making of daguerreotypes. Invented by Lois Jacque Mande Daguerre in 1839, this photographic process, which produced images referred to as "Sun Paintings" or "the beautiful mirror with a memory," was employed from its invention until it was largely replaced by the use of simpler processes such as those used to make ambrotypes, and tintypes. As indicated, this is an index of Daguerreotypists and their supporting tradespersons, and although there are some Canadian daguerreotype photos and a brief history, primarily the purpose of this Canadian list of artists is an identification tool - and an excellent one at that. It is easy to use and has a "Fast Find Enabled" feature that lets you to navigate quickly and effectively within the large volume of painstakingly researched information. Significantly different from using a book and very useful to literally have so much valuable information at your fingertips. You can find more information about the book on CD and download a sampler of its contents from the publisher's web site at
Released by Archive CD Books Canada Inc., P.O. Box 11, Manotick, ON, K4M 1A2, or call 613-692-2667. Catalogue Number: CA0246, $55 Cdn. Reviewed by Wayback Times Staff
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Encyclopedia of Collectible Children's Books Identification and Values, by Diane McClure Jones and Rosemary Jones
This useful and attractive compendium of children’s books is a must-have for the collector or dealer. With close to 800 colour photos, you’re almost sure to spot a book that you will remember reading as a child - or reading to your own child. Chapters are nicely categorized and explained in detail; Pricing, First Editions, Publishers’ Histories, Book List by Author, Book List by Series and one covering award winners. Almost two centuries of titles are listed, although the majority of books are 20th century publications. Values range from $30 to thousands of dollars. Diane McClure Jones and Rosemary Jones have several other popular titles published on children’s books and their knowledge and expertise are apparent in this, their latest work. For dealers, the Encyclopedia of Collectible Children's Books will be a useful tool to have handy while scouting markets for frequently under-valued books. It clearly lays out important facts and information that are invaluable in a retail market. For the collector of children’s books, it addresses many pertinent questions and clearly defines the information you want, and need, to know. One thing is guaranteed - it will bring back some fond recollections along with the great knowledge it will provide.
Hardcover, 344 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Antique & Collectible Dictionary, By Robert & Claudette Reed
You might recognize the name of Robert Reed from the many enjoyable articles he has written for publications like the Wayback Times. It often seems that Robert's knowledge and insight in the world of antiques and collectibles is limitless. And that just might be true. Robert and his late wife, Claudette, started the Antique and Collectible News Service in 1988 and together researched and compiled 15 books and over 1,000 articles which provide superb information to thousands of eager readers in North America and Australia. This most recent book maintains the Reeds’ tradition of excellence and quality. A small notation on page 4 with the introduction says, "To be informed is to be ever more effective,” and that is precisely what this book does. Communication is an integral part of our daily lives these days and the importance of communicating clearly is paramount, particularly in the field of antiques and collectibles. The Antique and Collectible Dictionary will be a useful tool for those who use the Internet for research, buying and/or selling. Laid out in an alphabetical format, items are named in bold print and briefly described. This includes names of factories, artists and people, as well as objects in any given category. Knowing the precise term or name of an item, company or location gives you a leading edge when surfing the Net, thereby saving you time and frustration. Compiled over a period of two decades, more than 5,000 entries can be found, from "Joseph Aaron, (early 1800s silversmith) to Zwiebelmuster (remarkable china with blue-in glazed decoration, often referred to as onion pattern),” and just about everything in between. As the name correctly implies, this is a dictionary and not a price guide. It brings you well-researched facts in an attractive and concise format. It is especially useful for those wishing to learn more about antiques and collectibles, and it will almost certainly provide new information for the veteran collector or dealer as well. The contents are, naturally, compiled more for the American reader. However, in this global market and in a time of much cross-border travelling, this should be as much of an asset to a Canadian as it is to those south of the border. Claudette Reed has left a legacy of wonderful publications and we are grateful that Robert has continued with their excellent work, which is a benefit to all of us who take great pleasure in items of the past.
Softcover, 240 pages, $24.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Collectible African American Dolls, by Yvonne H. Ellis
This identification and value book, ranging from the early 1800s through the 20th century, is an excellent resource for the collector of African American dolls. The contents cover everything from the material with which the dolls were made, such as bisque, cornhusk, papier maché, composition, latex etc., to the many companies that produced the dolls over the centuries. As the author, Yvonne Ellis, says in her introduction, "From decade to decade, (the doll) images and popularity have undergone monumental transformations, with each decade bringing about significant changes.” These “significant changes" are beautifully showcased in the professional photography which gives us large, colourful images that are a pleasure to study. The descriptions are concise and clear and are filled with useful information - all the things you would like to know without getting into too much unnecessary detail. Researching a specific doll will be an easy task for the collector when using this book. Obviously a labour of love by the author, this publication is one of only a few on this subject matter and well worth having on hand.
Softcover, 192 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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English China Patterns & Pieces: Identification and Values. by Mary Frank Gaston
English China Patterns & Pieces focuses on a wide selection of unique ceramics made from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. In this, her second book on English china, Mary Frank Gaston has chosen to emphasize the type of piece more so than the pattern. As she points out in her preface, table china, particularly of Victorian times, included a wide array of pieces for very specific uses ... unlike the limited services of today. Says the author, "Special dishes were made for serving different foods such as asparagus, chestnuts, berries, fish and game, and desserts to name just a few, as well as for several libations, such as ale, chocolate, coffee, punch tea and wine." With items such as these in mind, the book goes somewhat beyond the ordinary and not only identifies the item and its time of manufacture, but also explains what it is, along with a current suggested retail value. Pieces are presented alphabetically by object name, ranging from apothecary jars to wine jugs. There is a Manufacturer Index and also a Pattern Index located at the back of the book making it easy to navigate. Chapters on English ceramic body types, decorating methods and English ceramic marks provide a wealth of information to the reader. Over 500 expertly photographed examples are showcased from more than 100 different manufacturers. Also included are examples from the author's previous books on English ceramics, Flow Blue China, and Gaston’s Blue Willow. English China Patterns and Pieces is an attractively presented publication that is well researched and very informative. With the abundance of English China that is available in Canada, this identification and value guide will be a useful addition to the library of collectors and vendors alike.

Hardcover, 192 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Pocket Guide to Coca Cola Sixth Edition, by B.J. Summers
This small, but comprehensive book covers an almost endless list of Coke collectibles; calendars, clocks, trays, menus, porcelain signs, cardboard posters, commemorative bottles, magazine ads, vending machines and coolers - just to mention a few. It was designed to be a take-along edition and is the perfect size to carry to flea markets or antique shows to be effectively used as an identification and value guide. You'll find it packed with accurate information and up-to-date values that can be used by both the beginner and advanced collector. Summers has avoided lengthy pages of text in favour of showcasing a wide selection of items. Inside the cover are more than 780 full colour photographs and valuations that range from an $8 paper no-drip protector to the $14,000 Coke tray and beyond. The book also indicates how the values were arrived at for each item by advising the reader if the author, a dealer, a collector or an auction determined the price. If you are a collector of items relating to the best- selling soft drink in the world or just interested in finding out more about the Coke phenomenon, we only have one thing more to say about this book; “ It's the real thing."
Softcover, 222 pages, $18.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass, 11th Edition, By Mike Carwile
As the name of the book implies, Mike Carwile is no stranger to Carnival Glass collecting and his latest publication clearly reflects his love and familiarity with this enchanting pursuit. This book effectively integrates interesting Carnival Glass pieces from all over the world giving them equal status with North American products in a straightforward and appealing format. Carwile’s perspective expands the subject matter significantly and the material is set out clearly and affably with facts entertainingly interwoven with familiar names and interesting anecdotes. The book begins with the customary introductions and acknowledgements followed by a short, compelling lesson entitled "The Basics of Carnival Glass Collecting" that genially discusses the pantheon of colours, shapes and iridescence that apply to Carnival. What follows is an account of glass manufacturers which continues to educate and entertain the reader as the author walks us through the history of Carnival Glass while introducing us to the people, factories and locations around the world that have made it possible for us to enjoy our hobby. The main body of 280 pages contains the requisite illustrations and descriptions that every good encyclopedia needs and the author's far-reaching inclusiveness makes it difficult to imagine a more complete offering. A very short time after receiving this book, I was quickly able to discover the name, origin, manufacturer and current value of a pair of iridized candle holders that I had been unable to identify using my customary sources. As an educational tool, this book offers much to the novice collector interested in discovering the fundamentals of collecting Carnival Glass and the intermediate collector eager to learn more. As with any publication that attempts to quantify the subjective topic of pricing, the author concedes that all he can offer is an approximate reflection of historic selling prices that can be used, with a measure of prudence and experience, to make reasonable value judgments. This book is a delightfully comprehensive pictorial compendium of Carnival Glass that introduces the reader to some of the history, features and (approximate current) values of pieces from around the world.
Hardcover, 397 pages, $29.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Ginny and Brian Densham, long standing members of the Canadian Carnival Glass Association (CCGA).
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American Pattern Glass Table Sets, By Gene & Cathy Florence
Being an avid collector of pattern glass, it was a delight to see this new reference book by the Florences. For years I have depended on their expertise and knowledge regarding depression glass. It is of great interest to me that they are now sharing their knowledge in yet another area of the “glass family.” After almost 30 years of buying, selling and collecting pattern glass, I perused this book with great enthusiasm. Knowing the past achievements of these authors, I anticipated great photos and information and I was not disappointed. This is another excellent book by the Florences. This hard covered 8” by 11” book has an attractive cover with colour photos of a few patterns of glass. It immediately tempts you to open the book and scan the pages and as you thumb through it for the first time it captures your attention. It is extremely well laid out and easy to follow. The different patterns appear in alphabetical order, each accompanied by exceptional photographs and current values . These photos and the details given (including dimensions) are most helpful to both dealers and collectors wishing to identify their chosen patterns and treasures. Listed with each photo is the pattern name or number, the manufacturer’s name, the date of introduction for the pattern, the colours in which it was produced and values assigned to each piece. If a pattern in known by more than one name, the alternative name is also given. If there is more than one company who manufactured the pattern, they are also listed. The Florences have seen fit to mention Canadian glass companies as manufacturers of some of the patterns shown. This information is presented in a concise manner using the same easy-to-follow format. This is a worthwhile book to add to your antique reference library. You will consult it often and find it useful and informative. Happy reading & happy antiquing.
Hardcover, 192 pages, $24.95 U.S. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed Frank Russell, a long time Ontario antique dealer who specializes in high end glass.
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Standard Guide to Razors, Third Edition, By Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart
Loaded with information, the Standard Guide to Razors comes highly recommended for all razor collectors. This handy full colour identification and value guide features chapters on straight razor handle material identification, another on determining the age of your razor, and what factors are used to set the value of a collectible razor. Also of interest is a section on displaying your razor collection and an amusing chapter on the history of shaving through the ages. A listing of more than 200 razor manufacturing companies giving the base values for each is also featured. A step-by-step appraisal chart is included that will definitely be useful in determining the collector value of your razors. For those of you brave enough to shave (like a real man) with a straight razor, an instructional section is provided. Several old shaving related advertisements are also included.Well researched and presented with updated values, this comprehensive identification and value guide will become a useful tool and reference source to any razor collector.
Softcover, 256 pages, $16.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed Frank Russell, a long time Ontario antique dealer who specializes in high end glass. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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All That Glitters, 2nd Edition, by Valerie J. Hammond
The book Sherman Jewellery lovers have been craving is finally a reality. First published in 2006, the refined and revised 2nd Edition is now available and has been well received by collectors. All That Glitters is a bright, engaging and entertaining look at the stunning and highly collectible jewellery made by Montreal manufacturer Gustave Sherman. This softcover publication was completely produced in Ontario which was “ of paramount importance" to author Valerie Hammond of Kitchener, Ontario. The book contains well researched historical information, construction details and a section on tips in reference to the care and storage for your treasured pieces. Over 120 pages of Sherman brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are covered in an easy and enjoyable format. The photography is vibrant, clear and beautiful, with larger than life images in full colour. (Photographs by Ryan M Wilson.) Each of the 280 images clearly showcase the glitter and glamour that is Sherman. The descriptions are fun and informative and infused with the author's passion for the subject bringing life and sparkle to the content. Standing alone as the only book ever written on this Canadian made jewellery, every Sherman collector would be wise to add this to their reference library.
Softcover, 127 pages. $29.95 Cdn. PinPoint Publishing, London, Ontario. On sale in antique malls. Signed copies available from author online at or email Reviewed by Wayback Times staff
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Avon Collector's Encyclopedia, by Bud Hastin
This handy and well laid-out book showcases Avon and the California Perfume Company products manufactured from 1886 to 2007. Over 200 categories of Avon collectibles are listed in an easy to view format, with hundreds of new colour photographs to update and inform readers and researchers. Every item has its own description listed clearly beside it. Current market values, colours, variations, dates and other useful information is included along with helpful hints and tips for collectors and sellers. The book is a manageable size, great for tucking into a travel bag for those enjoyable trips to antique shops and markets for quick reference. Mix of colour and black and white illustrations.
Softcover, 672 pages, $37.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff
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Hanging Victorian Lamps, By Jeffery Ebersole
This book is a visually stunning presentation of one of the finest collections of Victorian Hanging Library Lamps in existence today. Showcased in beautiful, full page colour photographs are 180 hanging lamps made by the six most notable lamp manufacturers of the 19th century: The Ansonia Brass & Copper Co.; the Bradley & Hubbard Co., the Meriden Malleable Iron Co., Edward Miller & Co., the Charles Parker Co. and the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Co. All are featured along with the major art glass companies that produced the gorgeous shades. Glass shades are depicted in every imaginable colour, including cranberry, amethyst, amber, blue satin and ruby. Glass shade designs range from hobnails and swirls to snakeskin and bulls eye patterns. Valuations of lamps in this book start at $1,500 and go up to $25,000. A real treat to the eye, this book will light up your life. The author has a web site that is also very interesting and worth a visit.
Hardcover, 192 pages, $43.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Collector's Toy Yearbook - 100 years of great toys, by David Longest
David Longest has authored six previous identification guides on collectible and antique toys for Collector Books. This, his latest work, covers collectible toys produced from 1900 to the present and groups toys chronologically into four periods. The first chapter on Victorian and Golden Age Toys covers toys manufactured from 1900 to the beginning of the depression in 1929. Chapter two looks at toys from the '30s and the war years followed by a chapter entitled "The T.V. Room and Baby
Boom." Lastly, the Modern Toys chapter covers toys from the '70s to the present
and also includes the author's predictions on what's hot for the future in collectible toys. There is also a very informative and helpful section on caring for and displaying your own collection. Over 800 toys are expertly photographed, featured in full colour and assigned a value by the author. We found the prices shown in the book to be somewhat on the high side when compared to current on-line auction listings and recent Ontario antiques and nostalgia shows, but as the publisher says, "The current values in this book should be used only as a guide. They are not intended to set prices, which vary from one section of the country to another." This book will appeal to advanced collectors, as well as those thinking of getting into the exciting and diverse world of toy collectibles. It is an informative resource and will be a useful addition to any toy collector's reference library.
Soft cover, 208 pages, $29.95 US. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff
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Collecting Costume Jewelry 101: The Basics of Starting, Building and Upgrading, 2nd Edition, by Julia C. Carroll
Although I pride myself for not having a great passion for collecting anything, the many drawers and boxes of vintage jewelry I have in my possession claim otherwise. I do have some justification as my husband and I have been antique dealers for many years and at each of the shows we participate in, we feature five showcases of vintage jewelry. The one thing about antique jewelry that I know for certain is there is much to learn - and help with the details is desperately needed. Frequently, I am asked to recommend a basic guide book for the beginner, but I have been very reluctant to name one until reviewing Collecting Costume Jewelry 101. This book is large, colourful and descriptive, with 999 illustrations. Questions about starting a collection, what makes a piece worth collecting and how much you should pay are all addressed in the first 29 pages. The information is presented clearly and concisely. The author, Julia C. Carroll, takes us knowledgeably from the beginning of collecting costume jewelry and onward through the continuing journey in her comprehensive book. It is well illustrated with excellent photographs, which are identified with suggested prices, the stones and metals used and the markings. Well researched and a pleasure to use as a reference, Collecting Costume Jewelry 101 consistently offers sound advice and information on the many questions that abound in this area of collecting. It is a suitable guide for beginners and experienced collectors alike and you will find yourself looking forward to utilizing it with great enthusiasm.
Soft cover, 352 pages, $24.95 US. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Marg Brownson, an Ontario antique dealer.
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Disneyana Identification and Value Guide, by David Longest
This book will educate, entertain and rekindle childhood memories for the reader. David has authored several different books on antique toy collecting but this may be his best. Just released for 2008, this book covers in great detail collectable objects relating to Disney characters and movies. The section on the Golden Years of Early Disneyana features the Fab Five; Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. A Feature Film segment covers collectable favorites like Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, and all their friends. Next, the Saturday Matinees and Television years 1940 to 1969 are covered with The Mickey Mouse Club, The Wonderful World of Color and a multitude of lovable Disney characters examined. The Recent and Modern Disney Collectable chapter brings the reader up to date with current Disney collectables. Expertly researched with 730 illustrations in full colour and over 900 accurate valuations, this book will reunite the reader with a selection of great toys taken from over 80 years of Disney character merchandising.
Hardcover, 240 pages, $37.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly
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The Pflueger Heritage Lures & Reels 1881-1952, Identification and Value Guide, by Wayne Ruby
The author Wayne Ruby calls this book his "labour of love" and it shows. An avid collector of Pflueger fishing tackle, Wayne has compiled a fact-filled, yet interesting history of The Enterprise Manufacturing Company (better known as Pflueger), starting with the company’s inception in Akron, Ohio, in 1881 up to and including 1952 .Wayne is a member of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) and the Old Reel Collectors Association and he knows his stuff. The book lists every lure and reel found in the old Pflueger catalogues and each item is given the company manufactured date, description and current 2008 value. Not only are wooden lures featured along with boxes and colour charts, but also covered in detail are Pflueger lures made from celluloid, glass, rubber, metal and even fabric. Sixty-one different reels are pictured, including saltwater, freshwater and fly casting reels and more than 700 reel variations are listed in the appendix. Valuations and prices given are based on good to excellent condition pieces and taken from dealer catalogues, antique shops, NFLCC events, eBay, and other fishing tackle collector books. The section featuring historic Pflueger advertising and memorabilia will also be of great interest to the reader. Several other good books have been written on the other major lure manufacturing companies like Heddon, Creek Chub, and Shakespeare, but this book is destined to become the definitive reference guide for Pflueger tackle collectors.

Hardcover, 352 pages, $39.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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Rare & Unusual Indian Artifacts, by Lar Hothem
The title of this book says it all. This guide is a must-have for both the seasoned collector, who aspires to add that higher-end piece to a collection, as well as the neophyte, who is focused on identification and a realistic value guide. For both, this text provides a most valuable reference material and would be welcomed into any library. Interestingly enough, the text is set up rather cleverly, in that each of the initial five "chapters" deals solely with those artifacts created within that respective era. Each of these time periods (Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian and Historic) begins with a brief synopsis of that particular civilization. Then, the author proceeds to set up his high resolution colour plates (over 1,600 of them) chronologically, ending with artifacts fashioned at the end of each era. The colour plates are extraordinarily presented, along with a detailed description of individual artifacts, featuring its scientific name, the type of material used, its size, where created and followed by its realistic value. It is most interesting to note that the reader is able to relate the type of material used to create an artifact with those fabulous photos. For example, did you ever consider that "Buffalo River Chert" is pinkish with red stripes? Chapter 6 lends itself to "indeterminate artifacts," pieces not "pigeonholed" into one era or another - although every piece was constructed prior to the "Historic" (fur trade) era. The following three chapters - Cache Artifacts, Miniature Artifacts and Out-of-Region Artifacts – are not to be found in any text dealing with Indian artifacts (that we have seen). They "round out" this text beautifully, tying all loose ends. Although none of the artifacts listed are said to be located in Canada, it must be noted these early peoples engaged in extensive and rather sophisticated trading highways, which spanned no borders. The Mound-Builders of the south were related to the Mound-Builders of Ontario. Also, native silver "mined" in Cobalt, Ontario, was traded south, tooled, and traded north ... as was a host of other materials. As previously stated, this reference text is unique in every way. It is definitely a must-have for all serious collectors of Indian artifacts.
Hardcover, 384 pages, $34.95 U.S. (Cdn. price not shown) Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Ernest Kowalchuk, an avid collector known in Ontario and Florida for his knowledge of Indian artifacts and other antique items.
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Radios of Canada, by Lloyd Swackhammer
Attention fellow vintage radio collectors, this is the most comprehensive book on Canadian radios and their origins. Lloyd Swackhammer is a longtime avid collector of vintage radios and Ham radio equipment. As collectors, we all know the popular publications for vintage radios come from the United States and cover most of the vintage radio manufacturers with U.S. origins. There has been a serious lack of coverage for our Canadian built and distributed radios. Lloyd recognized this void and with his knowledge and the help of radio clubs and friends, set out to give us basic information on the manufacturers and models, including pictures and relative historical notes on each Canadian company. In the early days of radio, many manufacturing companies started and failed, so little was known about these companies. Lloyd provides a wealth of information and pictures from collectors and advertisers. There are also sections on radio cabinets, tubes and memorabilia, all relating to the early days of radio in Canada. It was estimated that in 1929 there were about 185,000 radios sold in Canada and of those, 69,000 were made in Canada. This publication covers radios made in Canada from about 1920 to 1965 and for the most part are tube or valve type radios. After that, the transistor radio prevailed. This book was not written to evaluate or give prices on radios. Its purpose is to enlighten radio enthusiasts and collectors, particularly those who have an interest in vintage Canadian radios and their history. It is, without doubt, the best publication on vintage Canadian radios.
Softcover, 164 pages, $35 Cdn. Self published by Lloyd Swackhammer, RR2 Alma, ON, N0B 1A0, .519-638- 2827, or visit Lloyd's web site. Reviewed by Bob Long, a Courtice vintage radio collector/dealer who sells at the Main thru Church Antique Mall in Orono and The Barn at Fowler's Corners.
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Collectible Glassware of the 40s, 50s and 60s, by Gene and Cathy Florence
If you have ever dealt in collectible glass as a vendor or a collector, you're probably familiar with Gene Florence, author of many fine identification guides on glassware and other items. The previous publications of Collectible Glassware from the 40s, 50s and 60s have served as an absolute "must-have" for many years, and once again it has been accurately updated and revised. This new, revamped version of Collectible Glassware - Ninth Edition is just as enjoyable to use as the previous publications and a few small, but effective changes have increased the ease in which you can access well researched information. Gene Florence and his wife, Cathy, know their glass after more than 30 years in the business and their books reflect this knowledge. The Florences' have a knack for choosing well loved patterns and you'll find much of the glassware used every day by our grandparents and parents. A few memories are likely to be conjured up of family meals and get-togethers as you thumb through the glossy pages. Glassware names are listed alphabetically with a reference to the company that produced the pattern and the years that it was made. This is followed with a useful and informative history. Every type of glassware featured in the book is illustrated in colour with a numbered diagram accompanying the photos to assist you in identifying a specific piece. From the numbers indicated in the diagram you can quickly look to the alphabetically listed price guide and easily find a value for any item shown. Many of the colour photograph pages are taken from catalogues of companies which produced the glassware and these prove to be a great historical guideline to what was actually made. You might just see an item that you never knew existed for the glassware you collect and the search is on! A huge thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Florence for, once again, making collecting easy and fun with a useful and attractive book.
Hardcover, 256 pages, $24.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Sandy Neilly.
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Beckett Basketball Cards, Official Price Guide 2008 - Edition #17, by Dr. James Beckett
Recognized by most people as the leading authority on sports cards in North America, the author, Dr. James Beckett, is also an avid collector. His book contains valuable information on the history of basketball cards and lists cards with their current values from 1948 to the present. Over 50,000 basketball cards are listed from more than 25 brands and manufacturers including Bowman, Hoops, Skybox, Topps, Upper Deck and many others. Expert advice is given on buying, selling, and grading basketball cards and important information on caring for and storing your collection. This easy-to-use, comprehensive price guide is filled with information that is sure to be a slam-dunk with collectors. Our only complaint is the small size of the print used in the book, which is difficult to read. Dr. Beckett has also published other price guides covering hockey, baseball, and football cards as well as price guides that feature sports autograph valuations.
Softcover, 411 pages, $10.99. Published in Canada by Random House of Canada Ltd., Toronto. Published in the U.S by House of Collectibles, a Division of Random House Inc. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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Standard Companion to Carnival Glass: Identification & Values, Third Edition, by Mike Carwile
Carnival Glass collectors are often fanatics when it comes to searching out and identifying a previously undiscovered piece. Such is the case here as Mike Carwile has put together a publication that contains all new Carnival Glass patterns, with no repeats from either the first or second editions. It has a mix of patterns together with some non-American ones. Organized in alphabetical order, it is the same style as the first two editions, with each page devoted to a pattern name, a colour picture, maker’s name and prices for various pieces in the pattern. The crisp, clear pictures give the book a very user-friendly appeal and its size makes it convenient for carrying along on antiquing jaunts. Not that we would have expected otherwise, but Mike Carwile has done a superb job on his first solo edition and we recommend the book to seasoned and novice collectors alike. As Mike has in his book’s Dedication, we wish to pay tribute to Bill Edwards, his partner on previous publications. He is applauded for his many years of providing an unequalled flow and source of expert, accurate and useful information on a variety of antique glass. We wish him a long, relaxing and satisfying retirement and thank him on behalf of all his faithful readers.
Softcover, 288 pages, $22.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Ken and Shirley Rose, well known Frankfort, Ontario, glass collectors and dealers.
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Canadian Churches: An Architectural History, by Peter Richardson and Douglas S. Richardson
This simply incredible book was a huge task to undertake by authors Peter Richardson and Douglas S. Richardson, and the results are superb. Featured in it are 250 churches from across all regions of Canada. These places of worship represent as many denominations of faith as there are architectural styles. Spanning 300 years of Canadian history, the story of these churches is woven into the fabric of the societies and settlements they were built for. Canadian Churches is not just visually satisfying, with over 400 photographs taken by well-known photographer John De Visser, the editorial content is insightful, interesting and meticulously researched. Churches across Canada, in both remote regions and large cities are studied from east to west - monuments to faith in all walks of life and presented for the reader’s ultimate enjoyment. Churches in Canadian Churches include: St. Marie among the Hurons, reconstructed site of a 17th century Jesuit mission; Sharon Temple, a brilliantly designed building which is now a national historic site and museum; St. Paul’s, Canada’s oldest surviving Anglican church; St. George’s, a “Round Church” built on the waterfront of Halifax; Her Majesty’s Chapel of the Mohawks, Ontario’s oldest surviving church; St. Anne’s Anglican Church, where the Group of Seven decorated much of the chancel area and dome. Available at your favourite online retailer or bookseller, this book would be a huge hit for anyone interested in Canadian history, architecture and religion.
Hardcover, 440 pages, $85 Cdn. Published in Canada by Firefly Books Ltd., 1-800-387-6192 or
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Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide 26th Edition, 2008
Since its introduction a quarter century ago, the Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide has been a consistent best seller and the 2008 edition is one of their finest yet. Printed in full colour and with over 500 categories, it is one of the few price guides available that can actually pay for itself by helping the reader avoid costly mistakes when buying or selling antiques and collectibles. Shroeder's uses results from auction sales, dealer lists, Internet sales and information gathered from over 400 advisers to compile its up to date prices, which are used by dealers and collectors alike. Historic background on manufacturers and important identification information is featured in each category. Critical data on fakes and reproductions is also provided. Schroeder's stands as one of the most accurate and easy to use price guides on the market. This book will entertain and educate the reader for hours and is often at the top of many collector's wish lists.
Softcover, 607 pages, $22.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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L. E. Smith Glass Company: The First Hundred Years Identification and Value Guide, by Tom Felt
As per the title, this 400-page book covers the first 100
years (1907-2007) of the L.E. Smith Glass Company,
and provides a detailed insight into the triumphs and pitfalls of the glass manufacturing industry. The book is broken down into 11 categories, some of which are History, Colours, The Patterns and Specialized Products. It contains 1008 Plates (illustrations) for various pieces, the majority of which are in living color, together with considerable detail as to the dates of production, colors made, and current prices. This reviewer was particularly impressed with the indices, three in all - a General Index, a Pattern Number Index and, for anyone out there who is a researcher by picture, a well organized Visual Index. All in all, the writer has done a marvelous job at researching and organizing the material for the publication. For the history buffs, the story of the L. E. Glass Company is fascinating. However, if there is anything negative to include here, it is that, by his own admission, the writer was "forced to omit many good pieces." Perhaps some of that circumstance might have been remedied had the History Section been condensed to some degree. Nonetheless, a book well worth investing in and we will look forward to those omitted pieces being included in the next volume.
Hardcover, 400 pages, $39.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Ken & Shirley Rose of Frankford, Ontario, seasoned glass collectors and dealers.
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The Fred Arbogast Story, by Scott Heston
The Arbogast fan should certainly enjoy reading Scott Heston’s, The Fred Arbogast Story. From the eye catching colour and graphics on the cover to the extensive list of lures and their numbers, this collector book is a valuable addition to your library. Mr. Arbogast's story was most interesting and you'll find yourself reading it to the end, rather than just scanning through it. Mr. Arbogast was born in 1894 and loved fishing so much that he was determined to be the best fisherman around and catch the most fish. To do this he started out by perfecting his casting skills. He entered many tournaments and found that he had perfected the art which earned him the distance competition championship and, in fact, set a world record for 1/2 oz distance casting of 250 feet, 9 inches in 1922. Again in 1923 he set another record of 208.8 feet in the 1/4 oz distance event which made him the first person to ever win these two events two years in a row. In 1924, he broke his own record with an average of 266 feet. He became a member of the Scientific Anglers Angling Hall of Fame. Along with being known as a distance caster he was also a champion fly caster and a top competitor in accuracy competitions. His success made his lures even more popular and eventually this helped him decide to start his own business. In 1926 he placed an ad in Hunting and Fishing magazine for Fred Arbogast's Spin-Tail Kicker and his new venture was under way. Akron Ohio now had a new player in the tackle making industry. The 80-plus pages of lures complete with names, colours and suggested prices, are very informative. Author Scott Heston also names the many companies that were taken over by Fred Arbogast during his company's lifetime. Colour charts and other company collectibles along with classic advertisements, patents and catalogues fill the book to the brim with the knowledge necessary for the collector and fisherman alike. You would be hard pressed to come across a tackle box of a Canadian fisherman that didn't include many of the Arbogast baits. They are popular and yes, they do work. After reading this, you will likely make this one of your top reference manuals.
Hardcover, 223 pages, $43.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Jim and Peggy Annand, avid collectors of fishing tackle and members and directors of CAFTA, (Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association.)
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Country Living Innovation and Design: What Is It? What Is It Worth?, by Joe L Rosson and Helaine Fendelman
This attractive book is patterned after the popular column What is it?, What is it worth?, published in Country Living magazine. It explores, examines and showcases 20th century household design and technology. Featured are modern mechanical household collectables like radios, phonographs, toasters, mixers, typewriters, electric fans, and sewing machines. A Modern Age Miscellany section covers vintage bicycles, cocktail shakers and other related collectibles. Each item showcased is described in great detail and pertinent facts are revealed about its origin and historic significance. All photographs are in full colour and the “What is it worth?” section gives realistic current retail values for each item. Well researched and with great insight, this book will be well received by readers who are interested in modern age collectibles.
Softcover, 194 pages, $25.95 Cdn. Published in Canada by Random House of Canada Ltd., Toronto. Published in the U.S. by House of Collectibles. Div. of Random House Inc. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Center-Draft Kerosene Lamps: 1884-1940, by J.W.Courter
This identification and value guide compiled and written by J.W.Courter (also known to collectors as the "Bright Knight") is bursting at the seams with information. Many of the lamps depicted in this book were designed for everyday use in the late 1800s and early 1900s and they were crafted to be beautiful as well as useful. Courter’s book identifies over 165 brands of lamps and their manufacturers. It provides the detailed history of more than 50 companies and includes more than 1,700 illustrations. The vast number of lamp manufacturers are listed alphabetically and cover well known companies like Bradley & Hubbard, Plume & Atwood, and Edward Miller as well as many lesser known lamp makers, such as the Hektograph Manufacturing Company. Particularity interesting are the hundreds of original catalogue and old company advertising illustrations. These illustrations are a useful tool for collectors for both dating their lamps and identifying the manufacturer. Lamp dimensions, illustrated trademarks, dates of manufacture and 2008 values are all included. This book will take the reader back to a time when illuminating a room required more than the flick of a switch. The beauty of kerosene lamps and their usefulness is well showcased and this book is perfect for the lamp collector or antique enthusiast on your shopping list.
Hardcover, 448 pages, $31.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Wayback Times staff.
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Hot Wheels - The Ultimate Redline Guide Companion, by Jack Clark and Robert Wicker: This eye-catching, well laid out guide gives the reader current 2007 values for Mattel Hot Wheels and other related vehicles manufactured during the Red Line era, 1968-1977. With over 1,200 full colour photographs, identification and valuation is a snap. A collector checklist and a user friendly index are extremely helpful. Two chapters have been added to this edition to showcase Gran Toros (of which there are 25 different models) and Mean Machines. Chopcycles, Earthshakers, Hot Birds, Hot Shots, Sizzlers, Zowees, and RRRumblers are also featured. This comprehensive guide also lists track sets, decals, sticker sheets, parts and other related items. A hard cover informative must-have for any Hot Wheels collector.
Hardcover, 270 pages, $37.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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Official Overstreet CMIC Book Price Guide - 37th Edition, by Robert M. Overstreet: Robert Overstreet’s comic book price guide is probably the most comprehensive and complete reference work available today on comic book valuation and history. Well researched, it has great insight and is loaded with information. This pricing guide, with its identification information, will help collectors whether they are purchasing bottom-line bargains or appraising important collections. It contains tips on grading, buying and selling comics.There are over 2,000 black and white photographs and a new section highlighting top comics from each comic book era. Also included is a colour section called "The Overstreet Hall of Fame." This features great contributions to the comic book world by writers, artists, editors and publishers. Comics are listed alphabetically, regardless of the publisher, in this easy-to-use format. The book covers Promotional comics, Pioneer Age comics (1500s to 1828), Victorian Age comics (1828 to 1883), Platinum Age comics (1833 to 1938), as well as Big Little Books and current comics up to 2006. Each comic is assigned prices based on six different grades as a result of condition. This edition also features a look at Captain America by Michael Kronenberg and a piece on the history of Marvel Comics Daredevil by novelist and historian Will Murray. More than just a price guide, this book is interesting to read and it offers the reader insight into the history of comics as well as an up to date market report on the comic business.
Softcover, 1,100 pages, $37.95. Published by House of Collectibles New York. Distributed in Canada by Random House of Canada Ltd. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book - Fourth Edition, by Geoffrey T. Carlton: Stars Wars is the largest grossing film franchise in history and this book celebrates the 30th anniversary of this epic saga. In it you will find an extensive array of identification and current pricing information. Over 50,000 items are listed in over 900 categories. More than 16,000 colour photographs expose the reader to a vast display of merchandise from around the world. Common pieces are featured, as well as rarities that can still be found by the serious collector. The book uses a checklist style format that the reader can use to make notes on current inventories or desired pieces, and makes finding and researching individual treasures quick and convenient. Also included is an interesting segment on selling your Star Wars collectibles and hints on where to buy the best pieces. This Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book is truly out of this world.
Hardcover, 464 pages, $37.95. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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The Maple Leaf Forever, by Donna and Nigel Hutchins, photography by Matthew Beverly. This is an awesome and visually dazzling book of all things Canadian. The pages will take you back to your childhood days with images of Canadian icons, large and small, most notably the maple leaf, the beaver and the Mountie. You will learn of Canada’s past, of her growth and of her uniqueness. It is an incredible compilation of facts and photographs mixed with personal insight making it a pleasure to turn each page to see what comes next. Canadian collectibles and true objects of "Canadiana" fill the pages creating a book that appeals to collectors, history buffs and anyone who is even slightly patriotic or who would like to be. This book will convince you to be just that.
Hardcover, 224 pages, 400-plus photographs, $59.95. Published by Boston Mills Press, distributed in Canada by Firefly Books, call 1-800-387-6192 or Reviewed by Sandy Neilly.
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The Big Book of Pocket Knives, by Ron Stewart and Roy Ritchie, is a comprehensive and well researched identification and price guide. Compiled and written by Ron Steward and Roy Ritchie who, together, represent almost 80 years of knife collecting and trading. This book contains over 3,000 illustrations and accurate up to date values for each knife. Extensive illustrations and detailed descriptions including manufacturers’ model numbers and sizes help the reader with identification and valuation. Readers are also provided with and brief history and interesting overview of knife manufacturers, both old and new. Companies featured include Belknap, Winchester, Remington, Henckels, and Cattaraugus just to mention a view. Also featured are examples of manufacturers original advertising and promotional literature. With four hundred fact filled pages, this book is a must for the up-and-coming or serious knife collector.
Softcover, 396 pages, $24.95. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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The Collector's Guide to Paperweights identification and values, by Mark Pickvet features paperweights produced from the 1840s to 2006. The reader will find this an interesting and well researched publication filled with historical information on both the artists and manufacturers involved in the production and design of paperweights. All examples are featured in full colour and are presented in an easy to use format. Highlights of the book include a section on how paperweights are manufactured as well as information on the care and maintenance of a paperweight collection. Also featured are tips on collecting, documentation, and identification with a section listing museums, clubs and galleries that deal with paperweights. All of the paperweights shown in this book are priced and suggested retail values range from twenty dollars to several thousand dollars. This book shines in its presentation.
Softcover, 220 pages, $33.95. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Sandy Neilly.
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Complete Price Guide to Watches No. 27, by Tom Engle, Richard E. Gilbert, and Cooksley Schugart
This wonderful book is an “industry standard” guide for watch collectors, dealers and appraisers. Compact in size, it is easily carried on watch hunting trips to help identify and value finds. Contained within its 1,220 pages is a wealth of horological information, as well as identification and valuations on over 10,000 American and European pocket and wristwatches. Expert writers, combined with years of information gathering and editing, have brought this manual to a level of excellence that no other publication has achieved. The guide is divided primarily into two distinct sections, pocket watches and wristwatches.The pocket watch section subdivides, beginning with an introduction to watch collecting, appraising, grading, railroad standards, early watchmakers, case markings and parts of a watch, to name a few. Sections evolve on identifying specific American-made pocket watches, from A to Z, including such need-to-know information as manufacturing date by serial number, movement size, rarity, value, etc. European-made pocket watches A to Z are also covered. Rare and unusual watches, such as repeaters, chronometers, alarms, tourbillon, enamel and early fusee watches are given special attention. Photographs and etchings are of excellent quality and allow easy recognition for comparison to your collectible watch. The primary wristwatch section is again subdivided, covering such subjects as wristwatch history, types, dials, case shapes, codes, brand names etc.Specific manufacturers are grouped with high quality photographs allowing easy visual identification of watch models and their values. A section is provided on Comic and Character watches, including Mickey Mouse, Dick Tracy, Hopalong Cassidy, and many others. This guide ends with a well-illustrated section covering watch terminology and various watch escapements.Watches covered fall into the category of antique or vintage, but not newer or modern timepieces. The more often you browse, use or study this manual, the closer you will become to being an expert in the world of watch collecting and valuation.
Softcover, 1,220 pages, fully illustrated, $39.95. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Bill Legere of Doctor Clock, Lindsay, Ontario
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Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia, by Larry and Patricia Wright
The Great Lakes are named aptly for their significant presence in North America. Lakes Ontario, Huron, Superior, Erie and Michigan are all enormous bodies of fresh water that have provided passage and livelihood for thousands of people over the centuries. The many lighthouses built to guide and protect travellers on these unpredictable waters are a tremendously important part of the Great Lakes’ marine history, and as such, the history of North America. Capturing this significance in their resplendent encyclopedia, photographer Larry Wright and writer Patricia Wright have compiled a meticulously researched presentation of the hundreds of lighthouses that have held sentry along the miles of shoreline encompassing the Great Lakes. This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated volume features over 650 lighthouses. The broad range of styles are captured with incredible photography. The names and dates of keepers, history, construction and design are described in every lighthouse entry including those of the past which no longer exist. For those still standing, information is provided if they are open to the public. Organized and colour coded by lake and region with useful maps indicating the locations in Canada and the United States, this book will be an invaluable guide for those seeking to explore the fascinating history of the Great Lakes and their lighthouses, whether it be from an armchair or by vehicle. The twenty-five years of research Larry and Patricia Wright dedicated to this book have translated into a remarkable publication that you will enjoy opening time and again. It is truly a book that shines.
Hardcover, 448 pages, 600 colour photographs, 50 black & white photographs. Published by Boston Mills Press, distributed in Canada by Firefly Books, 1-800-387-6192 or e-mail Reviewed by Sandy Neilly.
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The Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass
Fifth Edition 1860 - 1930, by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile

The Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass Fifth Edition is bound to be a hit with collectors and novices alike. This prodigious and extensively researched identification guide is filled with thousands of expertly photographed, full colour pictures of pressed glass produced from 1860 to 1930. Included is an overview and history of over 100 glass companies and manufacturers. More than a standard reference guide, this book will appeal to both advanced and beginning collectors. It contains a wealth of knowledge and is filled with detailed descriptions and current values. The purchase of this publication represents money well spent for those who wish for more than just a price and identification guide. It's a keeper.
Hardcover, 463 pages, fully illustrated, $39.95 Canadian. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Peter Neilly.
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Flea Market Trader - Sixteenth Edition
This new version of the Flea Market Trader makes a great traveling companion. It is a handy, compact size and it features an abundance of the collectibles that are popular today, including toys, marbles, carnival glass, dolls, Hot Wheels, depression glass and much more. The contents are arranged in an alphabetical easy-to-access format . The colour photos are small and not as plentiful as they would be in a larger book, but they are helpful where situated and add interest to the contents. One feature of the Flea Market Trader that may seem minor, is the fact that the values for each item are printed in a different colour ink than the descriptive text. This simple clarification makes getting to the “bottom line” extremely easy on the eyes without searching. The values listed quite accurately reflect today's market in North America for the assortment of collectible items addressed in the publication. It is not intended for extensive research purposes, but is a useful book for quick reference and basic pricing with a broad range of items.
Softcover, 415 pages, colour photos, $19.95 Cdn. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Sandy Neilly.
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Collecting Costume Jewelry 202 - The Basics of Dating Jewelry 1935-1980, by Julia Carroll
Collecting Costume Jewelry 202 is an awesome presentation on the basics of collecting and dating pieces from the 1930s through the 1980s.Billed as the sequel to Collecting Costume Jewelry 101, the newly released volume’s coverage is impressive. Included are more than 650 color photographs, 550 patent illustrations, and a jolting 4,000 patent design numbers. Additionally the substantial reference provides vintage advertisements or other illustrations from 125 makers. It includes 40 makers not presented in an earlier volume. Basically, the author offers up six methods for answering that eternal question about the date of a particular piece of costume jewelry. These methods include the maker’s signature, patent information, vintage advertisements, style or design, use of books and the internet, and finally dating jewelry by provenance (grandpa gave it to grandma.) The hundreds of photographs of vintage jewelry contained within the book are exceptional. "These photographs exquisitely illustrate the ideas presented in the book about dating jewelry,” says author Julia Carroll, "while illuminating the beauty of these vintage treasures.” Thousands of patent numbers are included for the curious in the book’s generous use of charts. Carroll notes that each chart records the design patent number, date issued, designer’s name, maker, jewelry type, plus a brief description of the piece. Further, the nicely detailed captions also provide the reader with current 2007 values based on like or similar pieces on eBay.
Softcover, 496 pages, fully illustrated, $24.95US, plus shipping. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Robert Reed
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Summer’s Guide to Coca-Cola, by B.J. Summers
Coca-Cola has long been heralded as the pause that refreshes. Equally refreshing is the newly revised sixth edition of Summer’s Guide to Coca-Cola. Included are new chapters covering such things as Coke club collectibles and commemorative. There are 200 new photographs, and a look at 2007 prices on over 1,200 items. “Coke needs no introduction,” says author B. J. Summers. “It’s as American as both mom’s apple pie and baseball.” Summers credits much of today’s appeal of Coke memorabilia to the fabled company’s determined efforts to advertise endlessly. “Fantastic, colourful, wholesome, memory provoking, and of course plentiful are just a few words and phrases that describe Coca-Cola advertising,” adds the author. “For us collectors, to be at a Coke swap meet is to be like a kid in a toy store.” The entire array is presented in this fine volume including signs, calendars, trays, bottles, cans, and glasses. Also included are openers, toys, postcards, games, clothing, carriers, coolers, and Santas. Still other sections extend to blotters, fans, banks, clocks, radios, vending machines, ice picks, ashtrays, and even vintage manuals and price guides.
Hardcover, 304 pages, colour illustrated, $29.95US, plus shipping. Published by Collector Books - a Division of Schroeder Publishing Co. To order, call toll-free 1-800-626-5420. Reviewed by Robert Reed
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