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    Selected from the March/April 2017 issue
    There was a time when automobiles were considered rolling works of art.
    Packards, Duesenbergs and McLaughlin-Buicks were dressed to the nines in chrome, nickel, stainless steel and even 'skirts'. Full story
    The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge will be marked on April 9, 2017, in Canada and France This article salutes Walter Allward, the Toronto sculptor selected to design the Vimy Ridge memorials. Full story
    Wayback Times readers curious about the map of the cover of the January/February issue might be interested to learn it is 50 years older than Canada's Confederation. Author Les Bowser tells the story. Full story
    Other articles from our archives
    Roy Bassett
    War medals and badge collector
    London's Imperial War Museum hosts impressive medals Full story
    Boer War "Mission Accomplished" medal premature Full story
    Remembrance:There are daily reminders everywhere Full story
    Collecting British and Commonwealth WW2 medals Full story
    British war museums draw countless tourists Full story
    Returning lost, stolen British Commonwealth medals Full story
    Heavy war toll calls for a poppy and remembrance Full story
    Collecting militaria - from photos to full-sized tanks Full story
    Collecting police badges is an arresting hobby Full story
    WW1 surgeon John McCrae's In Flanders Fields Full story
    The Collectors series: Medals Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    Liliana B. Blanco
    The riches od silver circa 1600s Argentia Full story
    Bruce Brigham
    Restoring pinball and other arcade treasures Full story
    Mary Brittain
    Garden advisor
    Antiques in your garden? Yes, with heirloom seeds Full story
    Mike Bryan
    Phonograph collector
    Collectors, get your affairs in order Full story
    Collecting vintage phonographs and records Full story
    Janet Bryers
    Paper collectibles
    Old family photos source of family tree information Full story
    Collecting vintage Victorian cards Full story
    Collecting Victorian scrap books Full story
    China painting 1880-1930 Full story
    Yvonne Butorac
    A visit to the Maud Lewis House exhibit Full story
    Measuring Victoria, B.C. antique market demand Full story
    The Canadian Antique Roadshow series Full story
    John X, Carter
    Wooden prisoners boxes circa 18oos a collector's dream. Full story
    Melissa Collver
    Tin collector

    Collecting advertising tins a lifetime hunt Full story
    Bob DeFreitas
    Marble collector
    Canadians have lost their marbles Full story
    More in a series of marbles columns Full story
    Julie Douglas
    Peterborough's Darkroom Project is in historic studio Full story
    Hyla Wults Fox
    Susie Cooper's legacy of collectibles Full story
    Kerosene oil lamps can be therapeutic Full story
    Robin Goettel
    Early American ladies found the fan to be an indispensable Full story
    Lian Goodall
    Karsh & King: Canada's first citizenship ceremony Full story
    Fred Graham
    Restoring rusty farm implements Full story
    Martin Howard
    Vintage typewriter collector
    The history of keyboards - without a mouse Full story
    Tom Iannelli
    Vintage insulator collector
    Sooner or later, we all shine the glass insulator light Full story
    In search of the original insulators: Threadless Full story
    Carpet beaters in all shapes, sizes and colours Full story
    Jessamy Johnson
    Dufferin County Museum marks Corn Flower milestone Full story
    1930s donation of books lauched lasting library collection. Full story
    Depression Glass fond line in the eyes of collectors Full story
    Toronto is a haven for new discoveries. Full story
    The love affair with Carnival glass Full story
    Majolica the epitome of Victorian taste Full story
    Jadeite glassware, 1930s to 1950s, enjoys new popularity Full story
    Cornish Ware, colourful kitchen collectibles Full story
    Port Hope's wealth of architectural gems Full story
    The emergence of the Internet has set the pace Full story
    Herb Kingston
    Home delivery in Toronto - the good old days Full story
    Bruce Kirkland/Rachel Sa
    Pressed glass collectors
    Pressed glass is a wonderful obsession Full story
    Rob Lamberti
    Comics collector
    The ABCs of collecting comic books Full story
    Ken Linna
    Collecting old sleds a cool passion Full story
    Walt Lemiski
    Vintage glass and china collector
    Glass ice buckets: a unique, colourful collectible Full story
    Still crazy for Corn Flower after all these years Full story
    Shaun Markey
    Steeve Parent takes childhood bottle hunt into adulthood Full story
    C.R. McGuire
    Weapons of war from WW1 used for trench art Full story
    Series of articles on wars and heroes, including the Battle of Hong Kong Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 (animal heroes); Part 4 (POWs); Part 5 (WW2 ends) and Part 6; plus animals at war medals
    Robin McMullen
    Corneil's auction sale for Mona Hall, 99, a winner Full story
    Brenda McNeilly
    George A. Romero's horror flick faves Full story
    The Ghosts of Halloween Past Full story
    Collecting vintage purses Full story
    Donna McPherson
    Golliwogg watcher
    Golliwoggs from the 60s and 70s live again Full story
    Aaron Neilly
    Volkswagen marks 60 years in North America Full story
    John Norris
    Family shares spotlight at unique folk art show Full story
    The flip sides of postcards tell the story Full story
    14 Princess Diana dresses auctioned Full story
    Authentic First Indians possessions now in demand Full story
    Auctions say cost of business behind premiums Full story
    St. Lawrence Market parial demo irks vendors Full story
    ROM's Terracotta Army exhibit Full story
    Auctioneering is hard work, a serious business Full story
    Alex Onians
    Toronto's Hollywood Canteen for rare film gems Full story
    Deborah Patterson
    Chalet art glass eagerly being sought by collectors Full story
    Douglas Phillips
    Welcome to 2017, the year we celebrate our 150th birthday Full story
    Remembering WW1's Battle of Somme . Full story
    Preserving Ontario's architechual heritage Full story
    The story behind the statute at the University of Toronto Full story
    A visit to Cabbagetown's Necropolis Cemetery Full story
    Canada marks 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017 Full story
    The day our House of Parliament burned Full story
    In Flanders Fields, 100 years later - Full story
    Steamboats on the Great Lakes, Parts 1 and 2 Full story
    Royalty opened Cobourg's Victoria Hall in 1860 Full story
    A visit to the the Vimy War Memorial Full story
    Massey Ferguson's machinery empire history Parts 1 and 2
    Ontario's standing historic railway stations tell a tale Full story
    John McCrae's In Flanders Fields, by Douglas Phillips Full story
    Rebuilt Ontario mill returns for unique homemade bread Full story
    Watermills Part 2: How railway lines lessened their need Full story
    Wayne Precoor
    Time to collect Westclox Canada pieces Full story
    Jim Ross
    Vintage tools collector
    Veteran Ontario collector gives us the plane facts Full story
    The long, the short and the tall of logging tools Full story
    Logs are cut, time to round up cabin-building tools Full story
    Jody Scott
    Bees decline with use of pesticides on corn and soybeans Full story
    Albert Simard
    The story of English wine bottles begins in 1650. Full story
    Roderick Sergiades
    Thanksgiving view of the historic 1887-built RMS Segwun Full story
    Studies show vintage beats new for furniture Full story .
    The Thermos was invented in 1892 by Sir James Dewar.Full story
    Vintage vs mass-produced furniture - Full story
    Making do with thrift shop appliances - Full story
    Cunard lines marks 175th birthday in 2015 Full story
    Collectible hockey cards from the glory days of the Habs Full story
    The Internet provides many Theatre of the Mind gems. Full story
    Retired Toronto cop has passion for restoring vintage cars Full story
    Ring Audio is closing in on 50 years of repairs Full story
    Port Hope's Ed White rescues vintage appliances Full story
    Mike Smith
    Postcard collector/author
    First World War brought postcard craze to a halt Full story
    “Back of the book” trade card and blotter gems Full story
    Canada's antique winter-theme postcards Full story
    Christmas-themed postcards in demand since 1843 Full story
    Postcard collectors find all fall colours in vintage cards. Full story
    Social history dating back to 1880s in postcards Full story
    Postcards reflecting the glory days of passenger ships Full story
    Easter postcards from the Golden Age (1900–1914) Full story
    The Golden Age of postcards (1900-1914) Full story
    Rare Union Oil Co. postcards salute WW2 generals Full story
    Thanksgiving postcards a find for collectors Full story
    Blotters welcomed young Mike into Grade 3 Full story
    So who won the War of 1812 200 years ago? Full story
    Collectible ocean liner postcards Full story
    Canada's collectible Art Nouveau postcards Full story
    Four elusive stamps on Mike Smith's wish list Full story
    Propaganda postcards Full story
    The Year of the Three (postcard) Kings Full story
    Anglo-Boer War postcards tell of the brutal conflict Full story
    Postcard collecting gets a stamp of approval Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
    Guylaine Spencer
    Visiting Toronto's famous facades in Guildwood Full Story
    Pat Stott-Prince
    Cups and mugs collector
    Comical shaving mugs had their day Full story
    For trivia, ask a friend what a "muffineer" is Full story
    Whistling cups - designed to go with eggs n' milk Full story
    Barbara Sutton-Smith
    Doll collector/author
    Barbara Sutton-Smith dies at 82 Toronto Star Obit
    Meet the Boudoir Dolls, classy little ladies Full story
    Glorious hats from the 19th and 20th century Full story
    Early merchants generous with doll giveaways etc. Full story
    Allan Symons
    The story of Ontario's not so well-known clocks Full story
    Jim Trautman
    The Golden Age of Lunch Boxes started after WW2 Full story
    Summers were always more fun with a water gun Full story
    Cereal company giveaways always popular Full story
    Bakers Chocolate Company: sweet smell of success Full story
    Little toy soldiers manufactured since the 1800s. Full story
    Recorded Christmas music a hit on all formats since 1926 Full story
    Road maps saving lost motorist since the 1890s. Full story
    Memories of the Good Humor Ice Cream years Full story
    The 1930s: Golden Age of World’s Fairs and Expositions.” Full story
    California visit sparks memories of TV cowboy heroes Full story.
    Breweriana galore from Molson and Labatt plants. Full story
    Collecting Christmas catalogues Full story
    Ronson, Zippo - so many lighters to collect Full story
    The history of soda pop is sparkling Full sotry
    Vintage tiny sewing kits and needle packs Full story
    Hollywood gossip and fan magazines since 1910 Full story
    Marking the 55th anniversary of IGY Full story Full story
    Thomas Edison's electric Christmas lights safer Full story
    Bicycles built for two used in love and war Full story
    Sheet music collectors have a wide field Full story
    Pan-Am Clippers gone but not forgotten Full story
    Al Spalding's marketing genius Full story
    Collecting commemorative Royalty items Full story
    Baseball history filled with collectibles Full story
    Della Walker
    Late Ontario writer
    Della Walker, a veteran Wayback Times writer, dies at 70 Full story
    Memories of a Quebec hamlet and antiques Full story
    Antique furniture is just that: Used Full story
    A history of Venetian glass Full story
    Don Woodbury
    Vintage telephone collector
    Antique telephones: there is one for every home, every era Full story
    Ray Yurkowski
    Sweet sap of maple sugar has a history Full story
    Roseneath's historical carousel Full story
    Early 1800s mill restored thanks to volunteers Full story
    The Quinte Timekeepers club Full story
    Barrel making thrives in Prince Edward County Full story
    Stonewall structures on Canadian landscape Full story
    Blacksmithing, still forging in the 21st century Full story
    Plowing the good old fashion way Full story
    Lighting our way through history Full story
    Column archives
    All About Antiques, by Peter Green
    Antique Detective, by Anne Gilbert
    Inside Antiques, by Robert Reed
    Out To Lunch, by Peter Neilly
    The American Connection, by Judith Jakab-Conrad
    Wayback Wheels, by Aaron Neilly
    Wayback Wheels archives articles
    Younger Perspective, by Bradley Higgins
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