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Sandy and Peter Neilly have been selling antiques and collectibles for more than three decades.
They host the annual Warkworth Antiques & Nostalgia Show & Sale each spring and sell at numerous shows across the province. And they were no strangers to Jay Telfer, founder and former owner of the Wayback Times, when Jay decided in the spring of 2006 to retire after 11 eventful years at the helm. (He died in 2009.)
Sandy and Peter have vowed to continue publishing an antiques and collectibles newspaper worthy of Jay and the thousands of antiques and collectibles buyers and sellers everywhere.
The Wayback Times is now Canada's largest print/web antiques and collectibles newspaper. Advertise in the print edition and web space, re email addresses, web links etc., is free.
Our webmaster is John Cosway, a semi-retired veteran journalist. For website updates, corrections, tips and suggestions, send him an email
Photo below
Front page of Sandy and Peter's first issue, July/August, 2006.
First Issue
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The 100th issue since WT's debut in 1995, May/June 2012
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